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What is the pay attention to ceramic tile shop sticks ceramic tile above

by:JIABANG     2021-01-11

with the increase of the pressure that buy a house, the second-hand housing industry are in full swing, second-hand housing has become the choice of criteria for ordinary families. A lot of people buy secondhand the room will be renovated again, especially the old house, so decking tile shop sticks ceramic tile above what pay attention to?

1, want to be in the old ceramic tile ceramic tile above, the first thing to note is not directly above the ceramic tile of the original cement, to make the original ceramic tile surface, such as ground leveling method can be used. After the original ceramic tile surface smooth, can new ceramic tile with cement flat again. 2, ceramic tile adhesive can very quickly the new and the old ceramic tile ceramic tile adhesive, ceramic tile adhesive is a new type of material on the market at present. But this kind of material cannot be used in the bathroom, because toilet is generally damp, and easily dissolved after ceramic tile adhesive meets water, will make the new appear empty drum ceramic tile, it will directly affect the quality of decoration. 3, because the new and old ceramic tile ceramic tile size is different, in the construction of gap is also different, so to fill the gap first up during the construction, and then put new tile. , if you don't fill the gap first up in the middle of the stick a new ceramic tile can have air, can produce empty drum, so in the future when installing the water heater or bath bully may drag ceramic tile down, it will directly affect the metope. 4, thin models should choose when choosing a new ceramic tile ceramic tile, thin section labeled after ceramic tile, not only does not increase the thickness of thin ceramic tile and easier to stick firmly, occupies a space area will also be much smaller. 5, the same tiles have besmirch, to clean up the stain, can use the cleaner for cleaning, because the surface of ceramic tile is clean, the more it stick firmly. shop sticks ceramic tile above what note is introduced here, if you still want to learn more knowledge can click to decorate for details.

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