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What is the method of choosing tiles

by:JIABANG     2021-05-14

   When we are decorating, what we cannot do without is the paving of tiles. The quality of tiles depends on how we buy them. There are certain knowledge to buy tiles. The following editor will introduce the method of choosing tiles?

   One, look at the appearance   check whether the surface of the tile is shiny, scratches, stains, omissions, omissions, missing edges, missing feet and other defects. Check the base embryo trademark mark, the product base embryo produced by regular manufacturers has a clear product trademark mark.  Second, weight   products of the same specification, good quality, high density bricks generally feel heavier, on the contrary, inferior products feel lighter. 3. Listen to the timbre percussing the vitrified outdoor wood deck tiles. If the sound is thick and the echo is long as the sound of striking a copper bell, the degree of porcelainization is high, the abrasion resistance is strong, the flexural strength is high, the water absorption rate is low, and it is not easy to be polluted; if the sound is If it is dumb, the degree of porcelain is low, the abrasion resistance is poor, the flexural strength is low, the water absorption is high, and it is easily polluted.  Four, measurement error   In order to prevent the tile size from being inconsistent, it is best to measure the tile size error during the purchase and acceptance. Side length deviation ≤ 1mm is appropriate, the best way to measure the diagonal size is to use a very thin line to straighten and measure along the diagonal to see if there is any deviation. Five, hands-on trial one is to try shop. Randomly sample a number of products in different packaging boxes within the same model and the same color number. Try to shop on the ground. Stand 3 meters away and observe carefully to check whether the color difference of the product is obvious. and brick Whether the gap between them is straight and the chamfer is even; the second is to test the feeling of the foot, and see if it is slippery. Pay attention to whether the test bricks are non-slip without adding water, because the more water you add, the more astringent your feet will be.  What is the method of selecting tiles is introduced here. If you want to know more, you can click on the tile brand to learn more.

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