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What is the method of ceramic tile of choose and buy

by:JIABANG     2020-12-13

if you want to choose ceramic tile to the right, in addition to have the professional knowledge and careful enough. The good or bad influence on the overall effect of the decoration of ceramic tile is very big, let's learn what is the method of ceramic tile of choose and buy.

1, eliminate inferior products from the price usually ceramics, the wall brick of hutch, rather than a general sense of ceramic tile, so also can't take the measure of ceramic tile, the tile price is in commonly 10 yuan of above can be used, don't consider a few bucks a piece. 800 mm & times; 800 mm, the price is lower than 70 yuan a piece also can't use, so the ceramic tile is usually the lower part of the equipment to be used. Although these cheap ceramic tile with ordinary ceramic tile on the surface do not have too big difference, but in fact it's color difference, roughness, hardness, waterproof performance all the don't pass, labeled after two years of time will appear off porcelain, empty drum, crack, seepage problems. 2, according to be fond of, choose the light turn or inferior smooth brick under the premise of guarantee the quality of decking tile, wall outdoor wood deck tiles choice depends on personal preferences, according to your decorate a style to choose appropriate wall brick. The wall brick of the stores are generally equipped with same 300 mm & times; The granite floor tiles of 300 mm and the collocation of waist line, if without the guidance of professional designers, good advice to buy in a range of products. Paste when must pay attention to the wall to sew, otherwise the effect will be discounted. When selecting a granite floor tiles, many consumers will be merchants say all glazed ceramic, half glazed ceramic, antique, polishing, under the glaze color, microlite jargon to buffalo, actually these are all production process, the owner as long as the decision is to choose the light or inferior smooth brick. The light of the general or inferior smooth brick, brick is seamless splicing, archaize brick requires seam is the shop is stuck. 3, check the quality of ceramic tile common owner when buying ceramic tile is likely to bring professional testing instruments, so when choosing a ceramic tile can only & other; Listening, asking and & throughout; 。 First of all, consumers need to bring a pen with ink and then on the back of your chosen brick is dripping, don't let drop words don't need to buy. Good brick water seepage is very poor, not penetrating ink brick. If the ink spread or stay for a while after wipe with mark, then the brick can't buy. Then, is to look at the profile section close smooth without air bubbles and miscellaneous points is good ceramic tile. Later will be flat on the ground with their feet ceng ceramic tile, sluggish feet for good brick, don't slip, inferior brick even pits of feet slip. 4, choose a color to choose the color of decking tile natural light must get outside natural light place to see, the color will follow under the lamp very much. Many details of texture and glaze appear a sense, in good light brick and tile look is not obvious, natural light at a glance. Economic permitting, or recommend premium brands, such as Marco Polo, east peng, the Mona Lisa, kito, zammit, Byrd, don't worry about the quality. 5, and other considerations for the effect of ceramic tile technology has a lot to do with the shop is stuck, good cement sand and bricklayer's straight line to promote the class of the brick is posted. Buy 325 or 425, the factory within 3 months of cement. Tile besides tong seam, looping cutting, height difference, must pay attention to stick the brick is smooth to the touch the joint, rap is not empty drum. Remember don't have to rely on foot bricklayer's bricklayer's not well. What is the method of decking tile of choose and buy is introduced here, if you still want to know more about knowledge can click on the brand ceramic tile details.

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