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What is the marble tile advantages and disadvantages

by:JIABANG     2021-01-16

from the perspective of home decoration market in recent years, more and more people are in favor of marble material, especially can be used for granite floor tiles, hard texture, style is beautiful, etc all let it become the latest must-haves in the eyes of the public, but any products are the advantages and disadvantages coexist, below small make up detail marble tiles to everyone what are advantages and disadvantages?

marble tile advantages and disadvantages: 1, in order to let consumers enjoy more natural and beautiful effect, it adopted in production of the decking tile of Italy and Spain, and other advanced production equipment and technology, so in terms of quality is guaranteed, and the environmental protection, fashionable product image, for the global customers with more elegant, more comfortable, more humane living space. 2, compared with other similar products, its strength was improved obviously, so greatly reduce the breakage in transportation, installation and use, as well as a long service life, good durability, so if its content is not commonly used floor, may be a lifetime all don't need to replace the marble. Defect marble tile advantages and disadvantages: 1, cost generally speaking, the ordinary marble costs about $4 ~ 8, of course, for some special varieties, you will need to paid the extra cost of installation, the other if not careful will drop on the marble floor, ceramic plate will smash into hundreds of pieces. 2, low fouling resistance for this kind of product, it is rarely used in the making of mesa, mainly because of its porous, and easy to dyeing, so a lot of people to see it as a granite floor tiles, it doesn't like mesa spots easily. 3, maintenance of marble maintenance, compared to other products, is more complex, need polishing on a regular basis, and in clean, need to use special cleaning supplies, because most of the detergents containing chlorine, destroys the polished tile. Marble tile what are advantages and disadvantages are introduced here, if you want to learn more knowledge can click to decorate for details.

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