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What is the difference between tile and ceramic tile?

by:JIABANG     2020-10-02
Tile is made of clay fire, must glaze by bibulous rate is higher. The magnetic intensity is low. is made of porcelain clay, in pursuit of adornment effect also on the glaze, this kind of ceramic tile structure tight, high strength, bibulous rate is low, the fouling resistance is strong. and tile, the same pronunciation, but there, both are the same thing after all, they have 1: what's the difference between essential difference between tile ceramic tile is usually higher than ceramic tile price generally refers to have glazed outdoor wood deck tiles, brick and tile generally refers to do not have glaze or body outdoor wood deck tiles ( Such as glass, etc. ) 。 In general specification in tile for flooring small specifications of the general the balcony metope shop; Tile relatively heavier than the decking tile, and lay not easily and the interface bonding, so usually spread more with cement tile. And the scope of application of ceramic tile is more widely, the construction technology is relatively simple tile mostly used in toilet metope ground, metope, ground and a restaurant in the kitchen. Ground fire when two kinds of temperature difference, due to the wide variety of ceramic tile on the market now, quality mostly merchants in order to reduce the cost, so I personally think. Usually the ceramic tile on the market than the tile water permeability is stronger. Basic same, but generally refers to a glazed ceramic tile brick, brick and tile generally refers to do not have glaze or body brick ( Such as glass, etc. ) 。 2: literal difference from the perspective of the evolution of word 'magnetic' is commonly known as the 'porcelain', 'magnetic' transformed into can be a commonly known as the 'porcelain' word begins with 'magnetic', 'magnetic' originally refers to the magnetic state kiln porcelain products, produced by gradually evolved to generic instruments refers to porcelain. Magnetic state kiln is one of the largest kiln, famous people in ancient China northern site near the now hebei handan axis, axis magnetic states, song dynasty magnetic state kiln burning in the middle of the northern song dynasty, and its height, the southern song dynasty, liao yuan, Ming and qing dynasty continued to burn, with a long history, has a strong vitality, and magnetic state kiln products too much, to Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Thailand and other countries. In Taiwan will be a commonly known as 'magnetic' fully replace the word 'porcelain' is an important historical reason Japan to Taiwan for 50 years ( 1895 - 1945). Rule, in Japanese characters generally called China 'magnetic', similar to 'ceramics is の', '' ceramics industry. 'Porcelain' the word has always been a ceramic industry practitioners, and even take pride of every Chinese one word, one of the important reasons is its corresponding English is 'China', in the history of thought porcelain is a Chinese great inventions. As for the word 'ceramic tile, use modern point of view, is only a conceptual term, rather than a strict professional technical terms. 3: the classification criteria of ceramic ceramics can be divided into two categories: pottery and porcelain, and the bibulous rate of the porcelain standards as the 'is generally not less than 3%', of course, will China class is divided into three categories, including fine porcelain bibulous rate requirement is 'generally is not greater than zero. 5%, 'with so not rigorous in national standard' generally no greater than ', 'is generally not less than' description is relatively rare, and continues to this day, this standard is the standard is under revision. In terms of outdoor wood deck tiles of pottery and porcelain, standards in accordance with the water absorption of ceramic can be divided into five categories, respectively: porcelain tiles, urn-shaped ceramic tile, fine standard brick, standard brick, decking tile, expressly provide the water absorption of ceramic tile is not greater than zero. 5%, and the bibulous rate is 0. 5%. And with the rising of technology, now has the water absorption of ceramic tile can reach 0. The level of 08%. And some people understand like this: 'magnetic' the word is stone words, metaphor of our tile rock solid, and there are inferior to the type of 'porcelain' word, in fact this is entirely one-sided understanding 'porcelain' type structure of word meaning later than the birth of porcelain tile, I is first invented the tile burning, based on tile burning porcelain was invented. Apparently use a 'tile' or a 'tile' is just such a conventional thing.
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