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What is the difference between the tiles and ceramics?

by:JIABANG     2021-01-10

in order to understand the selection of ceramic tile know-how, we must understand and ceramic tile ceramic tile of the differences. Below, let small make up for everybody finishing something about the difference between the content of the ceramic tile, hope these about tile difference can help in the process of you choose ceramic tile.

the difference between the tiles and ceramics

1, the most obvious difference between different degree of thickness. Ceramics is dedicated to the tiles on the wall surface, and ceramic tile just have on the surface of the ceramic granite floor tiles. One is a outdoor wood deck tiles, is a piece. natural much thicker than the ceramics.

2, smooth degree of surface. For ceramics, more smooth, more beautiful, the better, the ceramic tile must have certain skid resistance, ensure the normal use.

3, different requirements for internal quality of a material. is very strict with the number of air bubble inside, no. Because there are air bubbles, in the seas, it is easy to fracture. And the number of tiles on bubble request is not high.

4, different to the requirement of material. Belongs to whole ceramic tile, but not a outdoor wood deck tiles, is a piece of; Is porcelain tile, with China clay refining.

5, different service life. The service life of the ceramics co. , LTD. , general is seven years. And the ceramics with commercially available bibulous rate is in commonly 10%, with many cracks appear easily, some even appear rupture.

ceramic tile of choose and buy note

1, many owners when choosing ceramic tile are often too pay attention to the price, but ignored the many important details, this leads to household experience will become worse. For the selection of ceramic tile, the first thing you need to pay attention to the wear resistance of ceramic tile. is utilization rate is higher, and the wear rate is very big, so want to choose the ceramic tile with strong wear resistance, the lack of wear resistance of the ceramic tile often because the passage of time and makes it present a black ceramic tile, affect the overall household life.

2, secondly, choose ceramic tile to notice skid resistance, especially for kitchen and bathroom, often is the presence of oil or water, decking tile is lack of antiskid performance back to danger, therefore completes the safety measures is essential, so we can ensure the safety of the family household life.

the above is the small make up and sorting out the data for everyone, hope everybody can have a good reading, choose to let oneself satisfactory ceramic tile products.

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