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What is the difference between terrazzo floor tiles and ceramic tiles

by:JIABANG     2021-05-10

   In recent years, terrazzo floor tiles have gradually become popular in decoration. Especially in some large shopping malls and public places, terrazzo floor tiles are the mainstay, which has gradually replaced our commonly used tiles. Terrazzo flooring has its own unique features, so what is the difference between terrazzo floor tiles and ceramic tiles?

   1. The terrazzo manufacturing process is different from ordinary floor tiles. After the surface of the terrazzo is polished, the pores will be exposed, resulting in a decrease in finish. The surface of the floor tiles is glaze-sealed, which has a good waterproof effect and the dirty water is not easy to penetrate, so it is more shiny.  2. Because the cost of terrazzo is lower than that of ordinary floor tiles, its price is lower than that of ordinary floor tiles.  3. Because the terrazzo has a single color and style, it is not as rich as floor tiles, so the decorative effect is naturally not as good as ordinary floor tiles.   4. From the perspective of wear resistance and dirt resistance, terrazzo has more advantages and is easier to care for, so it is often used in some large public places.  5. Compared with ordinary floors, the service life of terrazzo is longer than that of terrazzo, because terrazzo will seepage after a long time and has to be replaced.  6. u200bu200bHowever, from the point of view of construction, the construction of terrazzo is more troublesome than ordinary floor tiles, and the effect after paving is not so beautiful and high-grade.  7. The stability of terrazzo is better than that of floor tiles. It will not crack, arch, warp, etc. after being used for a long time like floor tiles.   What is the difference between terrazzo floor tiles and ceramic tiles is introduced here. If you want to learn more, you can click on the decoration knowledge to learn more.

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