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What is the difference between stone tiles

by:JIABANG     2021-05-07

  In interior construction, stone and ceramic tiles are often used. Although their prices, appearance, and functions are somewhat similar, in fact, there are still big differences between them. So what is the difference between stone tiles?

  1. Different product properties. From the perspective of material, stone is a natural material with high hardness. Whether you cut or polish it, its essence remains unchanged. It is just shape or The shape has changed. Ceramic tiles are artificial stone. Its raw materials are basically clay, quartz sand and other substances. It is a new substance formed by chemical reaction of sand, stone, and mud. Therefore, compared with stone, its hardness is lower. .  2, the durability is different   From ancient times to the present, the buildings that can be well preserved are basically stone buildings. This is because the stone has high hardness, good durability and long service life. The ceramic tile is a man-made material, its texture is not as hard as stone, its impact resistance is weak, it is prone to breakage and cracks, etc., and in the transportation and handling, the ceramic tile often suffers some loss.  3, the degree of color difference is different  Because stone is a natural material, it is bred by nature, so its texture is clear and natural, and the color difference is relatively large. It is difficult for us to find two stones that are exactly the same. The ceramic tile is a kind of material made by manual processing, we can artificially avoid the color difference of the ceramic tile to a certain extent, and make the color difference of the ceramic tile smaller. Due to the influence of raw materials and production processes, we are temporarily unable to make the tiles completely free of color difference.  4. Different stability   Stone is originally from nature, can adapt to severe cold and heat, and can withstand violent storms, so the stability of stone is good, and it is not easy to be deformed and cracked by external influences. However, the stability of ceramic tiles is poor, and it is prone to arching and deformation in winter. 5. The surface of the stone with different slip resistance is uneven. If we use it in the ground decoration, we will have greater friction when walking on it. Therefore, the stone has a better anti-skid effect and is suitable for us to live and walk. . The surface of the ceramic tile is smoother, and it is easier to slip when exposed to water. When we walk on the ceramic tile, the friction is small, and it is easy to slip and fall. Therefore, the slip resistance of the decking tile is poor.   What is the difference between stone tiles is introduced here, if you want to know more, you can click on the decoration knowledge to learn more.

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