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What is the difference between polished tiles and fully polished glazed tiles

by:JIABANG     2021-05-10

   Ceramic tile is a kind of building material, we usually use this material when we decorate, and there are many types of tiles on the market, the following editor will introduce the difference between polished tiles and fully polished glazed tiles?

  1. Polished tiles and polished glazed tiles of different specifications also have certain differences in specifications and sizes. Polished tiles are mainly used in living room lamps. The size is generally 600 or 800 large floor tiles. The polished glazed tiles are often small floor tiles of 300*300.  2. Different colors    The color of polished tiles is relatively single, and there is not much change. The difference between the various colors of the tile surface is not too strong, but the polished glazed tiles are different. The polished outdoor ceramic tile are more colorful than polished tiles. The polished glazed tiles are glaze after being printed with patterns. The colors should be brighter, and they are not restricted at all. Red, black, yellow, blue, and purple are completely fine.  3. Different textures  The texture of polished tiles and polished tiles are different. The texture of polished tiles cannot be very small, and polished tiles can achieve fine lines like needlework.  4. Bricks are different. Bricks are the key to distinguish polished tiles and polished glaze tiles. Polished tiles penetrate the color into the outdoor wood deck tiles body, so the color of the outdoor wood deck tiles body 1-2mm below the surface is the same as the surface. The polished glazed bricks are completely different and will not penetrate into the brick body at all. Looking at the side of the bricks, the layering of glazed bricks is more obvious. Obviously you can see the glazed surface. If the outdoor wood deck tiles surface has only one layer of very thin color The layer must be polished glazed tiles.  5. Different wear resistance    Polished glazed tiles are adding a layer of glaze to the surface of the polished tiles. In contrast, the brightness is good and the transparency is good, but the wear resistance is not as good as the polished tiles. The surface of polished tiles has thick crystals and is more wear-resistant, while the surface of polished tiles is layered with glaze, which is very thin and has less wear resistance. 6. Different anti-fouling properties. Polished tiles are suitable for use in most indoor spaces except toilets and kitchens, but the uneven pores left by the polished tiles when they are made, these pores will trap dirt and dirt, causing the surface to easily infiltrate pollutants. , Even some tea water poured on the polished tiles is weak, and the anti-pollution effect of polished outdoor ceramic tile far exceeds that of polished tiles. 7. Polished glazed tiles at different prices have a high degree of imitation. It combines the advantages of antique tiles and polished tiles. On the basis of outdoor ceramic tile, the tile surface is polished. The process is more complicated than polished tiles. The exterior has the rich colors of glazed tiles. , And polished tiles are bright and clean, so the price is more expensive than polished tiles.   What is the difference between polished tiles and fully polished glazed tiles is introduced here. If you want to know more, you can click on the tile brand to learn more.

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