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What is the difference between microcrystalline stone tiles and polished tiles

by:JIABANG     2021-05-20

   In terms of home decoration, should you choose a new product, microcrystalline stone, or continue to choose economical and affordable old varieties of polished tiles? Many people are bothered by this problem. This is because they don’t understand microcrystalline stone tiles and polished tiles. Today I will introduce the difference between microcrystalline stone tiles and polished tiles.

  1. Product quality comparison   Although the decorative building materials market is often a price war, everyone knows that the first thing to pay attention to when buying ceramic tiles is product quality. The crystallite belongs to the glass-ceramic composite board, which is made by compounding the glass-ceramic on the surface of the ceramic vitrified stone for about 3-5m. Polished outdoor wood deck tiles is a kind of bright brick made by polishing the surface of the whole brick body. It has high strength and high wear resistance. Compared with these two points, the current microcrystalline stone has an absolute advantage.   As a high-tech product, microcrystalline stone has excellent product quality, but after all, its production history is short, and it is difficult to avoid inferior products due to insufficient technology. The mature production technology of polished tiles may make people more assured of the quality of their products.  2. Comparison of product features and decoration effects   When it comes to microcrystalline stone, everyone naturally thinks of its crystal clear and dazzling crystal surface, as well as the extraordinary texture of gorgeous colors, clouds and mist, and gorgeous decorative effects. Indeed, microcrystalline stone is easier to remember than ordinary tiles such as polished tiles and antique tiles. Generally speaking, the decoration effect of microcrystalline stone is noble, luxurious and magnificent.   polished tiles are also brighter in color, while the tiles are thin, light, non-slip, and wear-resistant, which are more advantageous than microcrystalline stones. Because the uneven pores left during production are easy to trap dirt and dirt, polished tiles are easier to get dirty than microcrystalline stones, but nowadays, antifouling layers are generally added to the surface of polished tiles. Compared with microcrystalline stone, polished tiles create a simpler decoration effect.  3, product price comparison and recommended decoration space  The price of polished tiles is moderate, and the price of microcrystalline stone is much higher than that of traditional ceramic products, especially the microcrystalline stone of brand enterprises.   In home decoration, as a high-end decorative material, microcrystalline stone is suitable for living rooms and walkways, including walls, floors, decorative panels, basin panels, columns, etc. Relatively speaking, polished tiles have good wear resistance and low price. They are more economical for laying large areas, including halls, balconies, and exterior wall decorations. It is recommended to avoid using them as floor decoration materials for toilets, kitchens, and studies. Because the antifouling performance of polished tiles is poor, and the brightness is stronger than ordinary tiles, it will make people feel nervous in a small space.   The difference between microcrystalline stone tiles and polished tiles is introduced here. If you want to know more, you can click on the decoration knowledge to learn more.

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