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What is the difference between good tiles and bad tiles

by:JIABANG     2021-05-18

   is a very traditional and widely used decoration material. Whether it is indoor or outdoor, home or public, you can choose to use it, but there are also good tiles and bad tiles on the market, so good What is the difference between a decking tile and a bad decking tile?

  1. It mainly depends on whether there are black spots, bubbles, pinholes, cracks, scratches, stains, etc. on the surface of the tile. Also pay attention to whether there are defects such as omissions and omissions in the missing edges and missing corners of vitrified tiles. Check the trademark mark of the base embryo. The base embryo produced by the regular manufacturer has a clear product trademark mark. If there is no or particularly vague, it is recommended to choose carefully.

  2. Identify the quality of the tiles by tapping on the tiles and listening to the sound. Generally use one hand and five fingers apart to drag the tiles, and the other hand to tap the face of the tiles. If the sound is metallic, the quality of the tiles is better. If it is a large granite floor tiles, you can lift one side of the tile and hit the middle of the tile. If the sound is thick and long-lasting, the ceramic tile will have a higher degree of porcelain. If the sound is muddy and there is no echo, the porcelain will be low.

  3. If the base material of a good ceramic tile is off-white, if the base material is too yellow or biased towards black, it means it is a defective product. Use the method of falling to compare. If a good tile has a high strength, if it is dropped face-to-face, it will not be damaged. Of course, a poor tile will not withstand falling.

  4. Good tiles are very accurate, so when they are laid, they will be laid well and the effect will be good. If the tiles are poor, the accuracy is not high, but it is easy to waste. It can be observed by dripping water. Good tiles basically do not absorb water, while poor tiles will quickly absorb water by the tiles.

  What is the difference between good tiles and bad tiles is introduced here. If you want to know more, you can click on the decoration knowledge to learn more.

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