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What is the difference between glazed ceramic brick body brick?

by:JIABANG     2020-04-01
< / p> < p> is the brick body brick tile body surface polished and become a kind of shining brick, brick of a kind of. In terms of relative glazed outdoor ceramic tile, connect body brick surface is much more bright and clean. Body brick hard wear-resisting, suit in the most and interior space beyond closet, kitchen use such as used in the balcony, exterior wall decoration, etc. On the basis of the USES ooze to spend a technology, connect body brick is ok make result of wood of all sorts of copy stone, copy. < / p> < p> glazed ceramic brick is a kind of can be perfect process of a kind of special in glaze glaze formula, it is on a a glaze is archaize brick, generally are now a transparent surface convex flower glaze, glaze or transparent to glazed ceramic glazed outdoor ceramic tile sets and advantages of archaize brick body brick, glazed smooth bright like the brick, at the same time its glaze like archaize brick pattern of design and color is rich, brilliant color thick or < / p>
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