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What is the difference between ceramics and ceramic tile?

by:JIABANG     2020-08-27

for the difference of ceramics and ceramic tile, so many owners may distinguish not too clear, think of ceramics and ceramic tile are used to the ground or walls, not much to distinguish, it is a myth. In fact, although ceramics and ceramic tile are common decoration materials, but the two are completely different two concepts. So, where is the difference between the tiles and ceramics? The small make up for all carefully explain the specific differences of tiles and ceramics let each owner to learn.

the difference between the tiles and ceramics

1, the concept of the difference between

ceramics is a flake, usually used to decorate metope, metope USES is once below the surface of thin strips, smooth surface, is no direct contact between tile and metope, generally keep a certain distance.

on the surface of the ceramic tile is a block, a porcelain granite floor tiles, usually produced by mixed by clay, quartz sand, it can also be used for decorating metope. May be completely fit with metope ceramic tile, use among cement sand can be fixed.

2, thickness difference between

thickness at different levels is the most obvious difference between ceramics and outdoor ceramic tile. Thick ceramics thin, quality is light, ceramic tile, the heavier quality. Differences also determines the thickness of both purpose and different method of paste. If outdoor ceramic tile using ceramics paste way, easily lead to falling ceramic tile, if ceramic tile ceramic tile paste method, its adornment effect will sell at a discount greatly.

3, prevent slippery difference between

in general, ceramic tile is used for decoration, request as smooth as possible, if the surface of the tile is not smooth, explain quality is not pass. However, ceramic tile is usually used for flooring, so for the sake of their surface must have prevent slippery performance.

4, attributes, the difference between

ceramics ceramic, belong to the outdoor wood deck tiles with the vase, plate material is the same, therefore belongs to China. Belong to the floor, ceramic tile is made from porcelain clay fire. Both of the craft that make different, the use of material is different, so have different properties.

5, texture difference between

at the request of the internal quality of a material is different also. General ceramics inside can't bubble, otherwise easy to cold fracture. And ceramic tile for internal bubble would not have special requirements.

ceramics and ceramic tile the comparison of

1, the use scope of different

ceramics is one of the ceramic tile ceramic tile, Glazed tile) As the most suitable paste in the ceramic tile of metope. is to point to have on the surface of the ceramic granite floor tiles, and ceramic tile is to point to the wall with the surface of the ceramic thin layer patch below.

2, classification, different thickness of

ceramics is the thin layer inside the wall surface of porcelain tiles, ceramic tile is refers to have on the surface of the ceramic granite floor tiles. Ceramics and outdoor ceramic tile the surface show the difference have different degree of thickness, thickness are obviously different, thick ceramic tile, ceramics and thin.

3, different surface requirements

ceramics and ceramic tile surface requirement is different, ceramics as smooth as possible, and ask for a surface of ceramic tile have certain skid resistance.

4, different internal texture

ceramic tile and ceramics in the internal quality of a material is also different, ceramic tile not to bubble about the existence of internal requirements, ceramics exist within the requirements best not a fragment of bubbles. Because there are air bubbles, ceramics cold easily broken. Ceramics should belong to the outdoor wood deck tiles ceramic, but do not belong to the outdoor wood deck tiles, which belongs to the piece, is porcelain, ceramic tile is made of porcelain clay fire.

5, the service life of the different

ceramics is limited, the life of a general service life for seven years. On the market of porcelain bibulous rate is in commonly 10%, with long is easy to appear crack, and even rupture. When ceramic tile of choose and buy, consumer can identify by weight is tile or ceramic tile. Generally speaking, ceramics are comparatively light, and ceramic tile than ceramics weighs a lot.

more about the difference between the ceramic tile and porcelain and ceramics and ceramic tile the comparison of a simple introduction here, hope to help you.

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