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What is the difference between ceramics and ceramic tile

by:JIABANG     2020-08-27

tiles and ceramics, it looks like there is no difference, but there are a lot of difference, and a lot of people don't know, here small make up will introduce what is the difference between ceramics and ceramic tile?

the difference between a: non-slip distinguish

the ceramic tile is commonly used for flooring, so you must have a certain non-slip function, and prevent slippery effect, the higher the higher, but the opposite of ceramics, ceramic tile is used for decoration, therefore as smooth as possible, if you don't smooth smooth, quality is bad.

the difference between two: concept distinguish

ceramics refers to a piece, are commonly used to decorate metope. But ceramics is not direct contact with metope, but has a certain distance between with metope. Although also can decorate metope ceramic tile, ceramic tile is the whole piece of outdoor wood deck tiles, however, is not, after pasting and metope is completely put together, with cement sand fixed in the middle. Three:

the difference between the thickness of distinguish

although tiles and ceramics have word of a porcelain, but there is a big gap and the thickness of the thickness of the ceramics is thin, light weight. But thick ceramic tile, weight are heavier. It also determines the different purposes and different ways to paste. If ceramic tile paste, with the method of the ceramics will cause the fall of ceramic tile. If ceramics will way stickup ceramic tile, would not show a good adornment effect.

the difference between four: classified different

ceramics is belong to China, belongs to ceramics, with the vase in the home or plate material is the same, therefore classified as porcelain. But belongs to the ceramic tile floor, belong to the outdoor wood deck tiles, fired is to make the process of both has the very big difference, the materials used are also different, belong to different categories.

what is the difference between ceramics and outdoor ceramic tile is introduced here, if you still want to learn more click tile brand for details.

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