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What is the difference between ceramic tiles and ceramics?

by:JIABANG     2020-08-19

ceramic tile is a material often used in the decoration, the shop is stuck in the home, it has the very good adornment effect. What ceramics, two term is a kind of material? Of course not, ceramics and ceramic tile are commonly used in decorating materials, and they still have the very big difference. Below small make up will introduce what is the difference between ceramic tiles and ceramics?

we first met on this two materials from concept, what is a ceramic tile, it is a kind of refractory metal oxides and metal oxide, formed a kind of acid and alkali resistant after firing porcelain or stone building decoration materials. And ceramics is belong to a kind of metope USES once below the surface of thin strips, it is a kind of wall outdoor wood deck tiles. Ceramics are often used as the adornment of metope, but ceramics is not direct contact with the wall, there is a certain distance between the it with metope. Although we often meet with to decorate metope ceramic tile, but the way the shop is stuck is different, ceramic tile is the whole piece of outdoor wood deck tiles and metope completely paste together, in the middle with a cement sand fixation.

also, we can tell from the name, the thickness of the two also has the very big difference, the thickness of the ceramics is thin, and light weight. The thickness of the ceramic tile is one of the more thick, these characteristics determine their different USES and the way of the shop is stuck.

on the functional, we tend to use ceramic tile to shop is stuck on the ground, to prevent slippery demand is higher, so in general the prevent slippery degree of ceramic tile will be higher than ceramics. And the role of the tile is different, the adornment of metope smooth degree is high, adornment effect is better.

the requirements of the quality of a material both have very big distinction, first ceramics is usually used for decoration, burning them before the less number of air bubbles inside, the better, or in cold winter, ceramics seas, it is easy to rupture is very affect adornment effect. But pay more attention to practical ceramic tile, so this requirement is not obvious.

the service life of ceramics and ceramic tile also is different, the service life of the popular ceramic tile market now is quite long, generally in normal use within a fixed number of year, our house is don't need to replace the outdoor ceramic tile. The tile is different, its life is limited, only commonly used about 67 or so, and easy to crack, need a good maintenance. When buy, we can distinguish between tiles and ceramics by weight, the weight of ceramic tile is heavy than ceramics.

what is the difference between ceramic tiles and ceramics is introduced here, if you still want to learn more knowledge can click to decorate for details.

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