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What is the difference between ceramic tile shop dry and wet

by:JIABANG     2020-08-14

ceramic tile shop is stuck in the decoration construction link, will involve the ceramic tile shop is dry or wet, for the vast majority of decorate owner, they don't know what is the definition of a ceramic tile shop dry and wet, not to mention the difference between the two, let small make up take you go to see ceramic tile today what is the difference between dry and wet shop related knowledge, hope to be of help.

ceramic tile is the difference between dry and wet shop:

1, dry ceramic tile shop, shop for the flatness requirements specific humidity of ground outdoor wood deck tiles, requirement is low, so easy to control construction, it is because the harsh on cement mortar ground brick as long as after the adjustment, easy sliding are not available, but if you shop with wet method to do, due to the moisture content in slurry is more, when construction so loose paved ground outdoor wood deck tiles is likely to happen.

2, dry ceramic tile shop has a big advantage, empty drums are least likely to happen, when spread because of dry water less, so basically there is no air bubble, and wet because the mortar of excessive moisture will appear a lot of bubbles, such as mortar after solidification due to gas evolution, so the wet mortar in many small empty drum would happen.

3, before the ceramic tile shop is stuck, handling of grassroots spread law requires much higher requirement for specific humidity, this is because the dry shop when the moisture is less, if not be wet water at the grass-roots level, then at the grass-roots level will be a large number of absorb the moisture inside the mortar, resulting in mortar and grassroots bonded sand, wet mortar laying method of internal water content is larger, so in this respect than dry paved with good effect.

4, dry shop has a benefit can not do leveling at the grassroots level construction can combine grassroots leveling and mortar layer when a fix, the reason is that mortar moisture content is less, so the degree of mortar thickness is better, but the shop wet process for mortar liquidity is bigger, if the thickness is too thick at the grass-roots level is difficult to a leveling, need two implementation, when shop wet, so must first be leveling the ground face brick after the shop is stuck.

as it is about what is the difference between dry and wet shop ceramic tile detail, believe that through the above introduction, we shop for ceramic tile shop dry and wet, there will be a further understanding and understanding, of course, granite floor tiles shop sticks are important steps in the process of domestic outfit, generally in the process of domestic outfit also mainly is the granite floor tiles shop sticks ceramic tile shop is stuck, if you still want to know more can click on the brand outdoor ceramic tile details.

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