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What is the difference between branded tiles and miscellaneous branded tiles

by:JIABANG     2021-05-18

   When shopping for ceramic tiles, we often hear other people say, try to buy branded ceramic tiles. Well-known branded ceramic tiles are more secure. So what is the difference between branded ceramic tiles and other-branded ceramic tiles? In fact, no matter what brand of tiles, we pay more attention to the practical performance of the product, whether there is a good decorative effect, whether there is a stable quality assurance, etc., let's take a look at the difference between branded tiles and non-branded tiles. what?

The difference between    brand ceramic tiles and non-brand ceramic tiles 1. The difference between brand ceramic tiles and non-brand ceramic tiles production equipment, brand ceramic tiles are products produced by professional and regular factories, so brand ceramic tile manufacturers are professional in the production of ceramic tiles. Production line, which is also a necessary condition for branded ceramic tiles, while non-branded ceramic tiles do not have professional production lines. They are small workshop-style factories and low-cost configuration of ceramic tile products, so the product quality varies greatly. 2. The difference between branded ceramic tiles and miscellaneous branded ceramic tiles. The trademark of branded ceramic tiles is related to the brand enterprise. It is a product with its own brand story logo. Just like how we use ID cards, the reputation and honor of brand products are obtained. They are all recorded one by one. On the other hand, brand-name tiles do not have their own core products, and the products it produces are forged based on branded tile products.  3. The difference in quality between branded ceramic tiles and non-branded ceramic tiles. Branded ceramic tiles are meticulous about the products. The products will be strictly inspected before leaving the factory, so that no unqualified products will flow into the market. The quality of miscellaneous tile products is inferior and the unsafe factors are high. Since the market is mostly very low-end channels, the product configuration is also very low or even unqualified, such as huge color difference, mixed materials, paint peeling and many other problems.   4. Branded ceramic tile companies work hard on their products. Most formal companies have their own core technology and do not imitate other brands. What a brand must have is the qualifications, including (business license, tax registration, organization code, production license, quality inspection report, 3C certification, energy efficiency monitoring report, MA certification, GB) and other comprehensive qualifications. Once an accident occurs due to product quality, the company will not shirk, and will go all out to make up for the loss of consumers and quickly improve. Not to mention the various certifications of miscellaneous tiles, which are illegal production.  What is the difference between branded tiles and off-brand tiles? Generally speaking, the difference is striking. The decking tile brand has a professional production line, the product technology is reliable, and the quality of the ceramic tile is also up to the standard, while the miscellaneous brand ceramic tile is on the contrary, it is a low-quality product with unqualified quality.

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