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What is the difference between a line and second line ceramic tile ceramic tile

by:JIABANG     2020-10-22
Now there are many different kinds of decking tile on the market, quality is uneven also, a lot of people in the choose and buy is blunt brand to buy, if economic conditions allow will certainly choose ceramic tile of brand of a line. Relative to character, the ceramic tile of premium brands in the product quality will be better than second-tier brands, but at the same time, the price also is higher, and not all families can afford. And second line brand ceramic tile often affordable, low cost performance is high, for many economic less affluent families settle for second best is a good choice. So what are second-line brand ceramic tile? Let below small make up together, take a look at what second-line brand ceramic tile and ceramic tile the difference between brand! First and second line what second-line brand ceramic tile ceramic tile brands are: Europe god nuo, shun hui, general, jia tuan, Asia, gold rudder, constant and abstruse rice eggplant, hui, jun shi, Jane a, Roman Leo, vero, firewood, macro pottery, east king-touch masters, monte carlo, king, Wells, zammit, grice, the tao, the brunei, high honor, st debao, ShuangLing, shun tao, yinjing, sheng, one plus one, in the spirit, yulin, household, heng fu, crown, Pfizer in the new century, changan, warsh chi, Jin Xizhou, built the ball, Jin Xing, goldensun, etc. Two, one line with second-tier brands of ceramic tile of brand of ceramic tile is the difference between 1 and material in general, a line of ceramic tile brand it more strict selection, composition of raw materials and exquisite porcelain clay is high, so products of white color, density is high, the body quality is good. And the purity of second-tier brands of decking tile is not enough, will be mixed with some other ingredients, so their color is a little gray, low density, hardness, ceramic tile is easily affected by the outside world and cause cracking. 2, glaze, relatively speaking, a lot of first-line brand ceramic tile glaze used is import data more, wear-resisting, simple sense is strong light. The second-line brand ceramic tile glaze were mostly used by domestic, glaze thinner, wear-resisting degree of difference. 3, design and color of ceramic tile of brand of a line of most of them have their own professional design team, so both design and color, appearance and style is new, very attractive. The second-line brand ceramic tile due to company on a smaller scale, insufficient funds and so on, there are few professional design team, therefore does not have its own style in appearance and style. 4, performance is relatively, the ceramic tile of first-line brand quality is better, both wear resistance, high temperature resistant, resistant to moisture, water proofing property and service life are better than second-line brand ceramic tile. Like resistance to high temperature in the kitchen and the bathroom damp resistance effect is very obvious, if it is some inferior ceramic tile was damp and high temperature is easy to crack, and glaze will appear different degree of fall off phenomenon, so once the cracking, it is hard to repair it. Small make up summary: the above is the small make up and introduce the second-line brand ceramic tile decking tile of brand of what and what is the difference between the related knowledge. In fact, whether a line or second-tier brands of ceramic tile, they all have their own advantages and disadvantages, we should keep rational when the choose and buy, choose according to their actual needs.

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