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What is the current price of ceramic tiles?

by:JIABANG     2021-05-20

   Speaking of ceramic tiles, many people know that the current price of ceramic tiles is not cheap at all, and some high-end tiles are available in hundreds of thousands. There are too many choices on the market, so this The editor of the period will briefly talk about the current price of ceramic tiles. I hope I can help you a little! (Price tiles)

  1. Polished tiles

   The first thing to say is polished tiles, this kind of tiles is a must in every family, and Is the oldest. First, the price of polished tiles is the price of ceramic tiles that is affordable, and secondly, it is possible that polished tiles have been popular in the 1970s. The polished tiles, as the name implies, are brick bodies formed by polishing and polishing, so the surface of the polished tiles is very smooth and the wear resistance is relatively good. With the advancement of materials, the style of polished tiles is relatively more attractive than before. The price usually goes to 60 yuan/square meter.


   This kind of tile is the most popular nowadays, and it is famous for its variety of colors and patterns. have a layer of glazed surface, so relatively speaking, its wear resistance is not so good, but its water resistance is also very general. However, outdoor ceramic tile are divided into 'matt and bright' in terms of gloss. Personal suggestion is that if you choose kitchen tiles, this may be the best choice. Everyone knows that tiles are places with a lot of oil stains. If you accidentally drop them on the ground, they are difficult to clean. The use of outdoor ceramic tile, because of the performance of the glaze, so it is more convenient to scrub. In terms of price, the quotation on the market is about 130 yuan/block.

  3. Whole body brick

   Whole body brick is not particularly popular now, because its pattern is too monotonous, and the front and back sides are the same, which is very impersonal. The surface of the whole body brick is not glazed, so the abrasion resistance of the whole body brick is one of the best, and the surface polishing is not so strong, retaining the original taste. But at the same time, its shape is generally used for outdoor decoration. I personally think that whole body tiles are more inclined to retro tiles. The designer should choose whether it is suitable for the whole body outdoor wood deck tiles according to the design style. The price on the market is also 230 yuan/block.

   Anyway, the quotation is different according to your area. If you want to know the detailed quotation, it is best to go to the special store to ask! If you like this article, please continue to pay attention to the official website! Finally, thank you for watching! See you in the next issue! (Price tiles)


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