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What is the construction specification for marble tiles on the wall

by:JIABANG     2021-07-24
What are the construction specifications for marble tiles on the wall? The decoration of marble tiles is indeed very beautiful, but we must pay more attention to it when constructing, so today I will tell you about the construction specifications of marble tiles on the wall. ① All kinds of dirt on the walls should be cleaned and roughened. When disposing at the grassroots level, water and moisten it one day in advance. For example, when the base layer is a new wall, when the cement mortar is 70% dry, it should be roughened, bricks arranged, threaded, and face bricks pasted. ②Control the flatness of the paste surface. The standard points must be pasted before the formal pasting, and the flatness should be checked with a ruler at any time during operation. If it is not flat or straight, remove and re-stick. ③When pasting, paste from bottom to top. The mortar is required to be full. When the ash is depleted, it must be removed and re-adhesive. It is not allowed to fill the joints and mouths of the bricks with ash. ④The whole outdoor wood deck tiles set must be used to cut and fit. When paving and sticking, it is forbidden to use non-whole bricks to paste together pipelines, lamp switches, bathroom equipment supporting parts, etc. Pasting of the entire room or independent parts should be done at one time. If it cannot be done at one time, the stubble opening should be left in the construction joint or the internal corner. The above is the construction specification for marble tiles on the wall organized by the editor. I hope it will be helpful to all the construction staff.
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