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What is the construction method of tile adhesive?

by:JIABANG     2021-05-23
Tile adhesive construction method What kind of glue is used for laying ceramic tiles? 1. Clean the ground first, keep the ground strong, dry and free of stains, etc. 2. Mix the tile glue and water, the ratio of 30 kg to about 7 ~ 7.5 kg of water , After stirring, wait for about ten minutes and then use it again. The dry glue glue cannot be reused. 3. Pay attention to keeping the gaps. The product is generally suitable for use in the environment of 6℃~43℃. After 24 hours, the gap should be filled. What kind of glue is good for paving tiles? 1. Dealcohol type TC tile glue is better this time and it is not corrosive. However, the adhesion to marble, plastic steel and other materials will be relatively poor. If it is constructed under high temperature, the response will be slower and it will not be effective, and bubbles will be formed, which will affect the quality of construction. 2. Deacidification type This kind of deacidification glue cloth is suitable for use on cement and stone, because it will react with the surface of alkaline materials, and the expansion coefficient of the base material is very large, which may cause displacement or vibration. If it is too thin, it may cause the neutral glue to turn yellow and the glue is too thin. 3. De-acetic acid type glue is very transparent, it will emit acetic acid when it is fixed, and the smell is very strong, and it is corrosive to coated glass and some inorganic materials.
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