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What is the cleanest for washing tiles

by:JIABANG     2021-05-10

  Tile is a common building material in our daily life, so we must always keep the tiles clean, so how do we clean the tiles? The following editor will introduce what is the cleanest to wash tiles?

  1. Use multifunctional decontamination cream   Tiles are often contaminated by greasy, rust, soap, etc., especially the joints of the tiles are more likely to contain dirt. In order to keep the porcelain surface clean without damaging the gloss of the porcelain surface, it can be cleaned with a multifunctional decontamination paste. In the crevices of the tiles, first use a toothbrush dipped in a little decontamination cream to remove the dirt, and then use a brush to brush a water-repellent agent on the crevices. This will not only prevent water seepage but also prevent mold growth.  2. Clean the tiles with a toothbrush.   In fact, sticking to simple oil-control cleaning every day can reduce the workload and reduce the difficulty of work. Because the area of u200bu200boil stain is relatively small, and the degree is shallow, it is easier to clean. In the daily small area of u200bu200boil stains, you can use an old toothbrush to clean it, which is not only clean, but also labor-saving. In addition, old toothbrushes can also be used for places that are difficult to clean, such as tile gaps, because the teeth of the toothbrush are relatively small and can penetrate deep into the gap for deep cleaning. 3. Shovel steel ball cleaning is useless for products that only degreasing oil stains left on the tiles for a long time. If the oil stains on the tiles or gaps are really thick, use a shovel to clean them first, or use a steel ball to clean them. , After being thinned, it can be cleaned with acidic or soluble detergents. 4. Candle cleaning tile joints. Gently smear the candles on the joints of the tiles. Firstly, apply it vertically. This is to evenly apply the candles on the joints; then apply it horizontally, so that the tiles can be smoothed. The thickness is the same as the thickness of the candle. Why do we apply candles? Because the surface of the candle is very smooth, even if it is stained with oil, it will be clean by just rubbing the candle lightly. When cleaning the tile behind the stove and the oil on the joint of the tile later, you only need to scrub it with a normal detergent.  5. Use old nylon bath towels to remove mold.   Nylon bath towels for bathing are the most suitable basin to remove mildew. The dirt on the washbasin, bathtub, and bathroom end wall can be removed without using detergent. It is convenient to cut old nylon bath towels into 15cm squares for later use.  6. u200bu200bUse the cleaning power of linen cloth to remove the fine crevices of wall tiles.    Do not discard the old coarse mesh linen cloth, but can be used to wipe the crevices of wall tiles. Use the linen cloth on your finger to wash the crevices. You can remove the black spots of bacteria that breed.  Which is the cleanest to wash tiles is introduced here. If you want to know more, you can click on the tile brand to learn more.

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