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What is the cause of the ceramic tile is a scratch

by:JIABANG     2020-08-21

in the long in daily life, we will inadvertently found that this kind of beautiful ceramic tile was scratched traces, though not particularly evident, but that a road or deep or shallow flower trace looked very let a person love dearly, so what is the cause of the ceramic tile is a scratch?

workers when the shop is stuck cause

sometimes workers at the time of shop sticks ceramic tile, accidentally hard objects in contact with the ceramic tile surface scratches, like metal, or the hammer handle, etc, are likely to cause parts of tiles scratched phenomenon.

when decorating, improper protection

good shop granite floor tiles, and other aspects of renovation, so the ground to comprehensive protective layer on the shop, or a stain and the grains of sand, sand and gravel, in particular, on the time so it's easy to rub on ceramic tile surface.

to decorate the door does not change after the completion of shoes

now on the market is generally the outdoor ceramic tile product surface hardness less than 6 grade, some of the hardness of glazed ceramic tile is only about level 4, if the sole accidentally stick on the sand, Hardness is very high, the sand is higher than the hardness of ceramic tile glaze) , can cause scratches on the surface of the ceramic tile.

what is the cause of the ceramic tile is a scratch is introduced here, if you still want to learn more click tile brand for details.

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