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What is the advantages and disadvantages of half glazed ceramic tile

by:JIABANG     2020-09-04

we stepped on each floor of life, are our ceramic tile process, the credit of ceramic tile is a wide range of applications in our lives, there are many the kinds of ceramic tile. Small make up today want to recommend is half glazed ceramic tile, the ceramic tile more advantages compared to the ordinary ceramic tile. Then a concrete to get to know what is the advantages and disadvantages of a half glazed ceramic tile?

what is the advantages and disadvantages of half glazed ceramic tile?

1, making use of polishing outdoor wood deck tiles process, let half glazed ceramic tile is different from the ordinary ceramic tile, the surface of the glaze, is crystal glaze wear-resisting, high temperature, internal molecular seal all the outdoor ceramic tile, no cracks. So can keeps bright for a long period of time, do not fade, hard wear-resisting, in addition, all decorated with glazed ceramic tiles and have good permeability, bibulous rate is better, than any other natural materials of ceramic tile, uniformity and stability of texture, density, and safety. So half glazed ceramic tile generally is often used in living in adornment, not used in the streets or channel in decoration.

2, front when it comes to more than half glazed outdoor ceramic tile, do not want to be in decorate busy place, because half glazed ceramic tiles are more fragile, decoration in the channel, it would be easy to cause a half glazed ceramic tile, so half glazed ceramic tile weakness is less fighting force. Now people living in the decoration of ceramic tile, the main value is adornment effect, but the poor resistance to impact, in living in adornment, can not have too much influence. In short, half glazed ceramic tile have numerous advantages, disadvantages and have a lot of.

what is the advantages and disadvantages of half glazed ceramic tile is introduced here, hope to be of help, half glazed outdoor ceramic tile is easy to damage, so consumers must consider when buy breakage, buy a few more, prevent, not enough time to delay the construction. Half glazed ceramic tile more convenient, when washing water can be cleaned directly, if there are stains and oily be soiled, add a small amount of detergent, try not to under the sun exposure.

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