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What is soft porcelain?

by:JIABANG     2021-05-19
There are three types of soft porcelain: mcm soft porcelain, paint soft porcelain, and pvc soft porcelain. Because paint soft porcelain and pvc soft porcelain are products of unstable quality, they often result in engineering projects that cannot be accepted. The high-quality soft porcelain standards here are only for The soft porcelain of mcm material, because mcm soft porcelain is the real soft porcelain. Everyone who works on ceramic tiles knows that the price of building materials is important, but the quality of the product is the core. If you blindly pursue cheap and ignore the quality of the product, it will undoubtedly be worth the loss. Therefore, in construction engineering, we must attach great importance to the quality of building materials. Nowadays, as the emerging main force of exterior wall decoration engineering, soft porcelain is more and more favored by the market. However, due to industry competition, there are also phenomena such as uneven product quality and large price gaps. Some people who have come into contact with soft porcelain for the first time can't tell what is the real soft porcelain, and even use the price of poor quality paint soft porcelain to measure the price of qualified mcm soft porcelain, which makes people dumbfounded. For example, gold can be made into jewelry the same as silver, but can the price be the same? In addition to the advantages of conventional soft porcelain, the standards for high-quality soft porcelain should be as follows: 1. Grade A fire-resistant building materials should have good fire-proof functions, and A2 fire-proof grade is the qualified soft porcelain. Porcelain products and new environmentally friendly building materials must be safe and reliable! 2. Freeze-thaw resistance As a wall material, soft porcelain will inevitably be exposed to sunlight and rain, and face various weather conditions. Therefore, high-quality soft porcelain has strict requirements for freeze-thaw resistance, which must pass the freezing resistance of minus 40 ℃ High-quality soft porcelain without chalking is the result of meltability testing. 3. Color retention and non-fading. As engineering products, they must have good color retention. High-quality soft porcelain products must achieve color retention for more than 15 years. The effect is that it will not easily fade and powder. Fourth, the standard service life of weather-resistant soft porcelain is 50 years. High-quality soft porcelain must also reach this level, and the minimum service life cannot be less than 30 years. 5. Acid and alkali resistance wall alkali return is a troublesome thing, so high-quality soft porcelain products must have good acid and alkali resistance, and there will be no alkali return phenomenon after sun and rain.
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