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What is imitation ceramic tile?

by:JIABANG     2021-01-23

now the decking tile decoration market shows diversified development, so people buy ceramic tile is not confined to buy some of the basic ceramic tile, like what imitation ceramic tile is now decorate a big choice, believe a lot of people don't know what the so-called imitation ceramic tile position, small make up in this issue is to simply tell me about the imitation ceramic tile related introduction, hope you can help to you! ( Imitation ceramic tile)

the so-called imitation ceramic tile, it means this is not really a ceramic tile ceramic tile, but a similar ceramic tile product, its material is more special, is not the same as general ceramic tile is a bit, but decorate the effect is similar to real ceramic tile, and what advantages?

1。 Texture clear and beautiful decorative pattern nature, gentle, beautiful, high-grade, sweet like wood floor. Now imitation wood floor outdoor wood deck tiles imitation very realistic, let a person dazzling, real ones. Like a high-grade ceramic tile, but real ceramic tile is different with it again.

2。 Price comparison populist. The price is materially beneficial. The original wood floor price is more expensive, compound wood floor is not cheap. Imitation wood granite floor tiles is porcelain granite floor tiles, the price of relative is very affordable. Ordinary people can afford.

3。 Easy to decorate. When the original wood floor and compound wood floor is decorated to cage bone or cushion flat, imitation wood floor outdoor wood deck tiles cement leveling and can directly use, simple process.

4。 Easy to manage, easy to clean. How many have crack, decorate after dust off. Imitation wood floor tiles with white cement pointing directly, no crack, not into the dust. The original wood floor and compound wood floor cannot use too wet mop clean, imitation wood floor tiles can be washed with water, easy to clean.

5。 Strong and durable. The original wood floor and compound wood floor in corrosion resistance, resistance to deformation, wear-resisting degree than imitation wood floor brick is sturdy and durable.

6。 Not afraid of blisters. The original wood floor and compound wood floor is the most afraid of blisters, vesicular deformation. Imitation wood floor brick is not afraid of water, wipe dry. It is very important, if easy to be broken if it will be a lot of criticism, so durable is the biggest advantage of imitation ceramic tile too!

this is all there is in this period of imitation ceramic tile, in short, this kind of ceramic tile already holds a position in the history of ceramic tile market! Also attracted the attention of more and more to decorate a small white, so if you also want to decorate what might as well go to see the ceramic tile on the market are a situation, hope this is helpful to you! ( Imitation ceramic tile)

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