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What is common method of ceramic tile shop sticks

by:JIABANG     2020-08-28

the family is decorated in different regions with different ways of the shop is stuck will affect the whole decoration effect, the effect of use might be late for the big points. Small make up to introduce several common methods of ceramic tile shop is stuck, I hope you can choose the most suitable for their own way to the shop is stuck, obtain satisfactory results.

there are two kinds of by far the most common way of the shop is stuck, is spread and inclined shop

is spread: parallel manner to the wall granite floor tiles shop is stuck, it is the common way of the shop is stuck

inclined shop: means and way of the wall at an Angle of 45 degrees outdoor wood deck tiles shop is stuck, but the shop is stuck way more fee brick

laid the point: big brick they leave no seam, to Angle diagonal line to line, four Angle flush, and at the same time with the brick color close to tick off seam jointing agent processing, looks relaxed, clean, such as 800 mm * 800 mm and 600 mm * 600 mm of polished tile, glazed ceramic tiles. Small brick is a kind of method, seam leave 3 - between the brick and tile About 5 mm seam, in order to reflect texture and beautiful, mostly archaize brick have this seam is sticking method.

large size floor tile is spread or inclined shop found in the sitting room and bedroom. Small specification floor tile is common in the balcony, corridor, kitchen work station walls.

( 1) The shop is stuck cost: 300 mm * 300 mm, 600 mm * 600 mm, 800 mm * 800 mm in the 50 - price 56 yuan/flat, method of inclined shop granite floor tiles amount of loss is more, about - 60 per square meter 68 yuan/flat, not to mention the price of other small specification, 60 120 yuan/flat.

tip: in a squat toilet wasn't inclined shop, good leveling is not easy. Specifications small square granite floor tiles inclined shop, suitable for use in a small area of local ornament, because of the large area is used to a person the sense of trivial, also not too easy for you to clean.

( 2) Combined the shop is stuck, different sizes, styles and colors of floor tile, according to certain combinations of the shop is stuck.

type: suitable for European style and rustic style, the shop is stuck way more abundant. Usually can use the color is a little deeper than the shop main ceramic tile, marble or ceramic tile on the ground around at the surrounding edge of about 15 cm, the shop is stuck effect to make people feel material more sophisticated, and more able to foil a space atmosphere.

note: modular brick of form a complete set of product lineup and wave, and the Angle of spelling a flower flower, etc. Wave lineup generally use brunet ceramic tile, the wave form a complete set of archaize brick also have special line Angle of flowers, mainly used in the ground around or porch corridor, etc. Ground yarn, Angle and so on is made by a outdoor ceramic tile ground adornment, mainly used in the hallway, tea table, or under the table.

( 3) I-section brick: i-section paving method imitates the wood floor shop outfit, more wood is used to copy a few species such as ceramic tile ceramic tile shop sticks

note: i-section strewn at random have send, produce strewn at random sense on the vision, not too drab also can weaken the long and narrow space gives a person the depressive feeling, suitable for use in the corridor, kitchen or bathroom

( 4) cost: i-shaped brick method than ordinary shop cost 5% ~ 10% more material, shop is about 55 - per square meter 60 yuan/flat, fee standards is also have difference in different areas.

what is common method of ceramic tile brick is introduced here, if you still want to know more about ceramic tile problem can click on the brand outdoor ceramic tile details.

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