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What is ceramic tile selected skills

by:JIABANG     2021-05-25

ceramic tile is often used in home decoration materials, especially for kitchen and bathroom, environment easy to damp, ceramic tile is one of the essential working procedure, the ceramic tile of choose and buy is tricky, so what is the ceramic tile selected skills?

1, touch will four pieces of the same type of ceramic tile ceramic tile juncture, according to the grain bunking in the plane, with your fingertips after back and forth between the outdoor wood deck tiles surface, if after ceramic tile juncture place had no obvious change, explain the roughness of ceramic tile is good, or that the roughness of decking tile is bad, will affect the overall effect of the shop is stuck ceramic tile, ceramic tile if smoothness is poorer, may also lead to fall, so to remind the owner to choose and buy when it is important to note. 2, phase modulation component is good ceramic tile ceramic tile, high density under the same specification weight is relatively heavy, pick up the same specifications of ceramic tile more weight with the hand, the heavier, the quality of some lighter is relatively poor. 3, the size of the amount of ceramic tile foot. is the higher the accuracy of the length, the better the effect after the shop is stuck, not only the construction of more easily, and save material, so when the choose and buy, can be selected at random pieces, every piece of ceramic tile is measured with a measuring tape around the presence of difference, the quality of the high precision better. 4, see ceramic tile glaze first see ceramic tile glaze, good ceramic tile glaze were shining brilliantly, the light in high gloss, no impurity. Poor ceramic tile glaze is bleak. Also use water test on the underside of the outdoor wood deck tiles tile water imbibition, diffusion area is smaller, blot the longer the time, bibulous rate is lower, quality is better. also should watch, of course, if there is a bubble or crack on the surface of the ceramic tile, scratches and other defects. 5, ceramic tile is listening with one hand five fingers separate order to ceramic tile, the other one hand banging on the surface. If there is a metallic sweet, crisp, explain the quality of ceramic tile is good; The voice of the ceramic tile with poor relatively heavy. What is ceramic tile selected techniques is introduced here, if you still would like to know more about decking tile can click on the knowledge to learn more about decorating.

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