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What is ceramic tile maintenance considerations

by:JIABANG     2020-08-23

ceramic tile to use for a long time, we all know that want to proper maintenance of ceramic tile, the following will introduce by small make up outdoor ceramic tile maintenance notice what is it?

1, the ceramic tile clean, the most important is not to destroy the glaze. Not use steel wire ball in clean sharp things such as destructive clean. At the same time in the dry, must be immediately after the completion of the leave stains.

2, after shop sticks ceramic tile, best around the kitchen, oil absorption, etc may be infected with smeary heavier tiles paste, oil pollution prevention stickers, gaps in ceramic tile using the seam an agent, applied to ceramic tile juncture place, already beautiful oil resistant.

3, stubborn stains can use special detergent for processing, such as easy to rust pipes behind the ceramic tile can use anti-rust agent, rust remover or part of the professional polishing, laminating, coating methods such as oil, rust-proof oil to prevent rust and remove the rust.

4, scale, lime scale, cracks and archaize brick sunken place of besmirch, descaling king clearance can be used.

5, can form a layer of dirt granite floor tiles time is long, the surface looks corners, this is a more stubborn stains, can use the full effect decontamination king cleared.

6, pores on the surface of the polishing brick exposure in the outside, in the long run it is easy to pollution, polishing outdoor wood deck tiles is difficult to clean, loses luster, become old, should be conducted on a regular basis the waxing process, time interval is 2 - It is advisable to 3 months.

what is ceramic tile and maintenance matters needing attention are introduced here, if you still want to learn more click tile brand for details.

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