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What is ceramic tile laying the steps?

by:JIABANG     2020-07-29

believe with small make up a lot of people had the same idea, that is money laid ceramic tile is too high, will be better if you can diy? So small make up to find some practical ceramic tile laying way to share with you, hope can help you save a lot of money!

ceramic tile laid step one: ceramic tile soak

before laying ceramic tile, be sure to have a good soak and clean, the soak of outdoor ceramic tile ceramic tile is in order to fully absorb moisture, prevent absorb moisture in the material after completion of the shop is stuck, and affect the paste degrees of outdoor ceramic tile with the ground, causing the empty drum, fall off wait for a phenomenon, need to be removed from the water before he began his shop sticks ceramic tile and will wipe away the moisture, so that the shop is stuck.

ceramic tile laid step 2: set the auxiliary line

to ceramic tile of laid of can be more accurate, we still need to commit suicide by hanging vertical in metope, hanging vertical is used to determine the size of the ceramic tile with metope, set up horizontal line, this will ensure that in the process of the ceramic tile shop sticks to keep horizontal flat vertical roughness. So won't appear the error of calculation.

ceramic tile laid step 3: place the support board

ceramic tile is heavy, if not a strong point is difficult in ceramic tile adhesive without fixed before the solidification in a specific location, so the board is in place to prevent ceramic tile adhesive strength before reaches a certain displacement or drop phenomenon, can also let the stronger after post stability.

ceramic tile laid step four: sequential tile

the order of the tile is some, generally starts from the window or door, and from top to bottom, left and right, the order of the first water embellish leveling layer, then use a shovel to the back of the cement in the ceramic tile, ceramic tile affixed to the ground again, again with a rubber hammer tapping the ceramic tile, make cement metope and ceramic tile, the gap between the paste paste when should pay attention to use materials can't be too thick, also cannot too thin, it's not easy to spread out too thick, too thin and not easy to cement.

about this ceramic tile laid the basic steps is these, if the product is in accordance with the rules for outdoor wood deck tiles basically is not what faults, only good for themselves must be a little base, finally I wish you a happy decoration!

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