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What is all-ceramic tile?

by:JIABANG     2021-06-24
With the advancement of technology, the materials of ceramic tiles are becoming more and more diverse. But more people consider practicality, durability, and environmental protection. There are also various types, styles, and uses of tiles on the market. So what is a full tile? What are the ways to buy ceramic tiles? Now let the editor introduce these related content for everyone. Searching on the Internet found that the general explanation for all tiles is 'tiles with a moisture content of less than 0.5%.' Due to the low moisture content, some netizens suggested that all tiles should be thinned, otherwise the porcelain will collapse easily. Some netizens said that all tiles can only be used as floor tiles, not as wall tiles. There are even the concepts of 'half tile' and 'decking tile'. Some netizens also confessed that: All ceramic tiles need glue on the wall and floor. They are relatively unenvironmentally friendly, have relatively low water absorption, and are not easy to absorb oil. They are suitable for kitchen and restaurant floors; non-all ceramic tiles, walls and No glue is required for floor paving, and cement is used directly, which is relatively environmentally friendly, has a relatively large water absorption rate, and is easy to absorb oil. It is suitable for kitchen and restaurant walls and the entire bathroom. These statements are so diverse that it is indeed easy to confuse people and it is difficult to distinguish right from wrong. Its embryo body is generally made of porcelain, that is, the entire outdoor wood deck tiles is porcelainized, that is, the clay embryo body is finally out of the kiln tile under a certain pressure and temperature. If no water enters, apply a layer on the back of the tile. Things can also prevent water seepage, so that the entire outdoor wood deck tiles does not enter the water. All-ceramic tiles have low water absorption, high density and high hardness, so they can only be used for filling and paving with the ground. If used as wall tiles, their water absorption is too low, and cement is easy to stick. Therefore, its structural characteristics are summarized as follows: (1) The color is bright and soft, and there is no obvious color difference. (2) High-temperature sintering and complete ceramization have produced various crystals such as mullite, which have stable physical and chemical properties, strong corrosion resistance and stain resistance. (3) Relatively thin thickness, high flexural strength, lightweight bricks, and buildings The load is reduced. (4) No harmful elements. (5) The flexural strength is greater than 45Mpa (the flexural strength of granite is about 17-20Mpa). (6) The water absorption rate is less than or equal to 0.5%. Precautions for purchase: The all-ceramic granite floor tiles has a glazed surface, which is actually a layer of glass. It does not absorb water or dirt. The polished tile surface has fine pores on the surface after polishing, which is easy to absorb pollutants. When choosing floor tiles, you can compare the following index data: water absorption, abrasion resistance, acid resistance and pollution index. (1) The selection of outdoor ceramic tile mainly depends on the treatment of the ceramic body and the glazed surface. (2) The size of the ceramic tire should be standardized, the periphery should be flat, and the thickness should be uniform. The thickness and size of the decking tile of the same specification should not exceed 2 mm. (3) The most important thing is the quality of the glaze. First, the glaze should be thick and smooth; second, the color difference of the glaze should be as small as possible. The bathroom and toilet are suitable for laying small size tiles. All-ceramic floor tiles are commonly used in people’s lives, but many people are confused about how to choose real all-ceramic tiles. In fact, it is very easy to distinguish all-ceramic floor tiles. In general, The principle of buying ceramic tiles is: one look, two listening, three drops of water, four feet measurement. Take a look: (1) Look at the appearance, the surface color of all-ceramic floor tiles should be uniform, smooth, smooth, regular around, and free of chromatic aberration, deformation, lack of edges or corners and other defects. (2) Looking at the section, it is not all-ceramic that the section is clearly divided into two layers. (3) Look at the weight. All-ceramic tiles of general weight must be glaze when processed, so the tiles are heavier. If the tiles are lighter, they are not all-ceramic. Second listening: (1) To listen to the sound, tap with a hard object. The clearer the sound, the higher the degree of porcelain and the better the quality. (2) Use one hand to lift the edge or corner of the tile and hang it down easily. Tap the middle of the tile with the other hand to make a thick and long echoing tile (such as the sound of striking a copper bell) is made of all-ceramic glass. Ceramic tiles; if the sound is turbid and has no echo, or the echo is small and short, it indicates that the ceramic tile is poorly ceramized. The raw material particles of the ceramic tile are not uniform in size and the density is small. This type is an ordinary semi-porcelain tile. Three drops of water: Due to the low water absorption rate of all-ceramic floor tiles, turn the floor tiles in reverse and drip water on the back to see how fast the water spreads. Generally speaking, the slower the water absorption, the greater the density of the tile; on the contrary, the water absorption The faster the density, the sparser density, the better the inner quality of the former.

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