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What is acid-resistant ceramic tile?

by:JIABANG     2021-05-01

   Because of the rapid development of the decoration industry nowadays, more and more novelties have emerged. Even the ceramic tiles have a lot of special attention. The editor has heard of a new decking tile called Acid-resistant tiles, this type of tile feels a bit of a name when I hear the name, so I collected information on the Internet to see what is so great about this tile! (Acid-resistant tiles)

   To look at a product, the first thing is to understand what it is. The main component of this acid-resistant tile is silicon dioxide. It is made into a large amount of mullite. This material has the characteristics of compact structure and low water absorption. It can also withstand any concentration of alkaline media at room temperature. It is widely used in acid ditch, acid well, and acid storage. place. It uses quartz, feldspar, and clay as the main raw materials. It is decomposed into corrosion-resistant materials after high temperature. It has the characteristics of high acid and alkali resistance, low water absorption, not easy to oxidize, and not easy to pollute. It is widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, and electric power. , Chemical fiber, papermaking, pharmacy, fertilizer, electroplating room and tower, pool, tank, tank and other anti-corrosion projects, it can be said that its use range is quite wide, and it is generally recognized in the industry!

   So what are the characteristics of this acid-resistant ceramic tile? Let’s take a look at its advantages.

  1. Low water absorption

   Generally speaking, the quality of this tile is the most direct way to see the water absorption rate of the tile, the water absorption of this tile The rate has been verified by many parties and is quite low. my country stipulates that the water absorption rate ≤0.5% is called porcelain outdoor wood deck tiles, and the water absorption rate> 10% is decking tile.

  2. Extremely strong thermal shock resistance

   Its thermal shock resistance is very good. After 10 thermal shock tests during production, there is no explosion, cracking, etc. . So it can be used even in some long-term high temperature places, which satisfies a lot of extreme conditions!

  3. Both gloss and measurement are excellent

   Its gloss is very good, and gloss is one of the standards to measure the quality of polished tiles. The higher the gloss, it means The better the product quality, the worse the product quality. This acid-resistant ceramic tile is generally made very well, so the gloss is very strict!

   Basically, the obvious disadvantage of this acid-resistant decking tile is that it is more expensive, so it is generally not considered first when decorating at home. Of course, if you want your own home ceramic tiles to be more durable, The editor recommends this. This is the introduction of all the content of acid-resistant ceramic tiles in this issue. If you want to know more related content, please continue to pay attention to the official website! Finally, thank you for watching! (Acid-resistant tiles)


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