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What is a marble tile?

by:JIABANG     2021-01-16

marble tile more noble than ordinary decking tile has a smooth bright feeling, is the king in ceramic tile, if not the king, the queen is level, below we will introduce the marble tiles. ( Marble tile)

marble brick is a kind of realistic natural marble, colour and texture of ceramic tile products. It is the representative works of modern top ceramic tile manufacturing technology, is the ceramic tile, polished tile, ancient color outdoor wood deck tiles, another new microcrystalline after ceramic tile ceramic tile categories.

for the marble tile industry's leading manufacturing technology, using mechanical pressure molding, high temperature calcination, natural aesthetic feeling. It in the aspects such as texture, color, texture, touch completely reached the realistic effect of natural marble. In strict installation requirements and rich products accessories, under the support of large area and space application effect of the whole shop is more realistic.

under the guarantee of modern production technology, marble tile in a waterproof, flatness and bending strength, outstanding performance in practical. They completely abandoned the natural color of marble, and there is a lot of off color, a lot of water, easy penetration and infiltration, and difficult to care. Such problems as high price and long delivery time. It provides consumers with new options in the field of high-end decorative materials.

under the constant technology innovation of decking tile, marble satisfied & other; Scientific development & throughout; 、“ Beautiful China & throughout; New requirements for architectural pottery, adornment effect is good, excellent performance, be conducive to the protection of the ecology and the natural environment. Make more and more people enjoying the natural marble distinct adornment effect, at the same time reducing the demand for natural marble, avoided after an adverse impact on the ecological environment in mining process. At the same time, the wide application of clean production technology, make the marble tile production, processing and application is low carbon, environmental protection. In short, it effectively protect the natural environment, save the natural resources.

how to clean up the

1. can choose the same cleaning.

2。 Use soap water add a little ammonia and turpentine oil mixture, clean ceramic tile ceramic tile can become even more luster.

3。 Should be periodically waxing every 2 to 3 months at a time.

4。 If there is a scratch brick surface, please put toothpaste on scratch the surface, and then can wipe with dry cloth to repair.

5。 Dip in with the brush a few cleaner, can remove the dirt in the decking tile aperture ably. joints and brick joints can use cleaner regularly to remove dirt, brush a waterproof agent, and then in the seam to prevent mould to grow.

7。 Pollutants such as ink and cement using dilute solution, such as hydrochloric acid and nitric acid scrubbing to 2 - 3 times.

marble tile far more than the advantages of small make up these, of course, some advantages need to discover you, well, this period is here, next time. Bye.

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