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What is a diamond tile, what characteristics?

by:JIABANG     2020-10-21
Diamond tiles, also known as king kong glazed tile, Jin Gangjing ceramic tile, crystal glaze ceramic tile, also called Jin Gangchao SPAR, name some differences, but the process about the same, the difference is very small. Diamond tile was born in 2015 - During 2016, as the name implies, its characteristic is to compare the 'hard', because the glaze can form a similar molecular structure of C60 diamond. Diamond as a ceramic tile ceramic tile industry product the new favorite of this year, large and small ceramic tile manufacturers have launched their own diamond tile products, so the emphasis lies in its conquer the traditional glazed ceramic tile abrasion resistance of the birth of the 09 fatal shortcomings, and it's join will make the price competitive glazed ceramic tiles get cool the market. Below small make up to make a brief introduction of the characteristics of the diamond tile for you. 1. High hardness of diamond tile glaze tile with r&d kong particle mixing technique, the glaze will form a similar molecular structure of C60 diamond, can improve the product performance indicators, and 38% increased hardness, high wear resistance of quality, a good solution to defects such as glazed ceramic tile not wear-resisting, easily scratching. 2. Flatness litres of diamond tile glaze usage is 2 common glazed ceramic tile. 25 to accompany, coupled with the long time of 'hard', fundamentally solves the common glazed decking tile glaze water ripple problems, to achieve a better visual effect. 3. Appear a strong sense of diamond tile need through second high temperature firing, glaze on the surface of the decking tile in the process of high temperature, no pore vitrified brick surface can form the surface, glaze higher brightness, can be comparable to the micro crystal. 4. Texture basic kong glaze tile surface texture from rare natural stone samples selected, using image restoration techniques, reducing the world rare marble texture color, texture and nature level is more exquisite. 5. Thickness than normal glazed ceramic outdoor wood deck tiles kong glair brick thickness, increased by 1. 5 mm; Raise the whole brick brick thickness increased to 12 mm, hardness. 6. Whiteness whiteness kong ascension was a little white than general glazed ceramic tile glaze brick, fewer impurities, more dense solid brick. Conclusion: diamond tile, overcome the polishing brick of design and color is a single, full glazed ceramic water ripple, turtle, flatness, antifouling performance is poor, the disadvantage of the administrative levels of design and color is not strong, but also overcome the microlite easy to scratch the use of the limited flaws, realized zero water ripple, good flatness, high wear resistance, change of design and color is much natural point, etc. But it is undeniable that there are still many ceramic tile manufacturers on the market to cater to the demand of the market and produce fake and inferior products, that's all before buying diamond tile, please identify the brand, diamond tile real knowledge, avoid to buy bad products, cause damage.
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