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What is a ceramic tile line?

by:JIABANG     2020-12-21

in learning knowledge in the process of decorating, there will be a lot of professional term, like English, read below small make up to all the professional noun much, it is ceramic tile lines, you heard no, haven't heard then read on. ( line)

kick line is a special word of decoration. In be being designed indoors, the shadow line, waist line and kick line have the effect of visual balance, using their sexy and echo indoors, including material, color can have better beautification adornment effect. Another role playing rope is its protection function. You can kick kick line, as the name implies, is refers to the foot wall area, so it is easier to hit. Kicking line can make the wall and ground solid combination, reduce the wall deformation, to avoid the damage caused by outside force collision.

the height of the decking tile skirting board is usually about 10 cm. In recent years, the height of the decking tile skirting board. Average household USES 6. 6 cm or the height of the 7 cm, because it can make internal looks more delicate. Beautiful.

decorative figure generally is 150 mm. Commonly used specifications have 800 * 110 mm, 600 * 110 mm, 1000 * 110 mm, etc.

with one of the biggest granite floor tiles line clearance should be less than 3 mm, and insert the 1 yuan coin. If you insert two or more pieces, gap may be too big.

laid before the foot line, should be with white cement shovel net wall, and then laid the crural line, and pay attention to the protection laid back foot line, in order to avoid the paint or paint of paint sticky on the surface crural line. After it is recommended to shovel cement, with 107 glue and cement mixture to brush the shop area, then outdoor wood deck tiles paste up, make the outdoor wood deck tiles stick more firmly.

due to the floor and door frames of finishing work, although looks a bit of trouble, but the family is decorated use inevitably the kicking line. Commonly used is a special kind of adornment wood play rope, wide and narrow, very convenient. But if you choose marble or granite floor, and then use wood play ends line or decorating plate, seems a little suddenly. If use natural stone line, due to the size limit do play rope must be joining together, playing line seams will affect the whole beautiful.

small make up through careful interpretation, everyone to ceramic tile lines have deepened the understanding? In fact, some knowledge in our life to observe attentively, often can be found.

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