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What is a ceramic tile?

by:JIABANG     2020-05-03
< / p > < p > refractory metal oxide ceramic tile and half metal oxide mixture of clay, quartz sand and so on its raw material by grinding, mixing, pressing, glazing, sintering process of acid and alkali resistant ceramic or construction or decoration materials such as general ceramic tile < / p > < p > ceramic tile refractory metal oxides and metal oxide by grinding, mixing, pressing, glazing, sintering process of acid and alkali resistant ceramic or construction or decoration materials such as general ceramic tile. < / p > < p > < / p > < p style = 'text - Text-indent: 21 px '> its raw material mixture of clay, quartz sand and so on < / p > < p > ceramic tile history should back 4000 BC Egypt has decorated with ceramic tile in the beginning all types of building clay brick sun dried or through baking its drying copper was used to extract the blue glaze color ceramic tile < / p > < p > 4000 BC mae sot of area found outdoor ceramic tile outdoor ceramic tile kind of stripes of blue and white decoration mesh is more kind of color ceramic art early shang Yin period ( 1523 BC - 1028). Production of fine white early use stoneware glaze to whitewash < / p > < p > 6763 ancient ceramics tiles are handmade said each tile ShouGongXing colored by hand is a unique art ceramic tile with almost each tile construction aspect Pi: wall mural, noodles, flower board, fireplace, and building external wall, etc. < / p > < p > this worldwide and handmade ceramic tile used colored by hand hand since the production technology for ceramic tile installation and indoor and outdoor decoration Pi use ceramic tile: face, metope, mesa, fireplaces, fountains and outer wall, and so on. < / p > < p > ceramic tile market development < / p > < p > in the housing industry has developed rapidly due to that the ceramic tile production consumption of the world with development of ceramic tile product designs and varieties, quantity, quality and high garde products is complete, choose and the price is suitable for the world favor hsu family area of ceramic tile ceramic tile products international market share profit expansion < / p > < p > almost unprecedented development housing industry closely around the property with building walls, tile huge market demand along with the rapid development of ceramic tile ceramic production technology marketability tendency DCS products development beginning high-end ceramic tile enterprises aim at high-end market now emphasizes the adjustment of product structure to raise the product added value and the profit of the industry as a whole through efforts to improve product technology content, and independent innovation, cultivate independent brands such as measures to realize sustainable development. < / p > < p > < / p >
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