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What color should I choose for the living room tiles?

by:JIABANG     2021-07-19
A commonly used floor decoration material for house decoration. It has exquisite color and excellent wear resistance. It is widely used in living rooms, kitchens, and bathrooms, and has a strong decorative effect. So what color is good for the living room tiles, and what are the techniques for matching the color of the living room tiles, let me introduce to everyone below. What color to choose for the living room tiles: Use cool-toned tiles. For those living rooms with small space or poor lighting, it is best to choose cool-toned tiles. Cool-toned tiles will not only make you visually comfortable, but also use them. Certainly expand the role of spatial visual effects. What color is good for the living room tiles: Use warm-toned tiles. For those relatively spacious living rooms, warm-toned tiles can be used. Warm-toned tiles can make the living room present a more warm home atmosphere, especially beige, coffee, Colors like orange. It will make the entire space appear more relaxed and comfortable, but the pure bright colors of red and yellow are not suitable for the living room, because these colors tend to make people feel irritable. What color to choose for living room tiles: black and white gray tiles are a common color for floor tiles in our living room. White can make the living room brighter and more transparent, and can be matched with other colors in the living room. Gray is full of artistic flavor and is loved by many home improvement designers, which can make the living room look more elegant. And black floor tiles can be used to embellish, make the living room more spatial decoration. Living room tile color matching skills 1. According to the overall home improvement style, the color of the living room tile needs to be selected in a more overall home improvement style. For example, for the living room decoration in rural style, it is best to choose light-colored tiles such as pale yellow and green, and modern minimalist style is best. Choose tiles with monotonous colors such as gray and white. 2, according to the wall color to match the wall color is very important for us to choose the color of the living room tiles. If the walls are warm tones, the tiles should also be light tones such as beige and ivory, which can make the living room appear bright and spacious. 3. Match the color of the tiles in the living room according to the light. You can match the color of the living room according to the light of the living room. If the living room is well lit, you can choose darker tiles. If the living room is darker, you can use lighter-toned tiles. The above is a related introduction about what color to choose for the living room tiles and the color matching skills of the living room tiles. I hope to provide you with some help when decorating the living room, so that everyone can match with reasonable tile colors to make the entire living room space more beautiful and gorgeous. . Dengrong Enterprise specializes in the production and supply of engineered ceramic tiles. The company has strong strength. It has introduced advanced Italian ceramic equipment, equipped with an advanced Ru0026D center, and a logistics and storage center of tens of thousands of square meters. It has established a stricter corporate internal control than European and national standards. Standards, complete product specifications, novel and fashionable designs, and fully meet the needs of different levels.
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