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What color kitchen ceramic tile is good-looking

by:JIABANG     2020-09-02

as our cooking place, at the same time also is the place that is most widely used in the home, in the decoration, must not too casual, should not only consider the overall style of kitchen design, color, etc. , granite floor tiles is also a link which cannot be ignored, only the correct selection of kitchen granite floor tiles color, the overall effect will be more attractive and practical, so the kitchen outdoor ceramic tile is what color?

1, gray

grey tile on a white fundamental key, presents an atmosphere of visual, again with l-shaped cabinet put oneself in another's position, make the open style of cooking area appears more high-end, and if the hook side of ambry can use golden, better effect, reflect the quality of life of house advocate luxury, let whole presents a unique style.

2, pale yellow

many users tend to light yellow outdoor wood deck tiles floor laid the cooking area, playing on cabinet put oneself in another's position of white and brown again, seem to be simple and generous, and each is trenchant edges and corners, let a kitchen line is very smooth.

3, ivory

if the home is to use the modern decoration wind, so might as well use ivory, cook the granite floor tiles with the same color of the wall and lilac bar, let a kitchen has a kind of light and elegant feeling, believe this design is a great wind.

what color the kitchen outdoor ceramic tile is good-looking is introduced here, if you still want to learn more click tile brand for details.

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