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What color is used for bathroom tiles

by:JIABANG     2021-06-08

  The color selection of bathroom tiles must be consistent, and the tiles and bathroom space should be designed as a whole. In any case, the best effect can be achieved only when the bathroom tiles and the three three pieces of bathroom echo each other. So what color is used for bathroom tiles?

  Large area of u200bu200bbathroom tile color matching skills:   The color of the tiles in the large area of u200bu200bthe bathroom can be darker, with a light-colored waistline in the middle or a light-colored skirting tile at the bottom. , The purpose of this is to reduce the dullness of the entire wall. The color of the bathroom floor tiles can be the same as the tiles, but the color of the sanitary ware must be light-colored, so that the overall effect will appear noble. The color matching skills of medium-sized bathroom tiles:   Medium-sized bathroom, the tile color can choose warm colors, which can be used on a large area, or you can paste warm-tone tiles on a small area, and the other walls are covered with cool-tone tiles It will appear that the bathroom is more individual and will not be too mediocre;    tile color can be beige color, and the same color of tiles and floor tiles can also be used, so that the effect of the installation is flat and natural. Color matching skills for small area bathroom tiles:   Small bathroom tiles can choose glass tiles, which have the effect of expanding the space and make the overall space look less dull and depressing;   The color of small bathroom tiles can also choose light colors. The light-colored tiles also have the effect of expanding the space, so that the bathroom has a good decorative decoration effect. Matching with darker colored floor tiles, it will not appear top-heavy and make people feel uncomfortable.  The color of bathroom tiles is introduced here. If you want to know more, you can click on the tile brand to learn more.

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