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What ceramic tiles are good, and how to choose ceramic tiles

by:JIABANG     2021-06-20

If you want to fight the battle of clay tile engineering, you must start with the spirit of twelve points from the beginning of the purchase of tiles. At present, there are mainly two kinds of commonly used ceramic tiles on the market:

1. Polished tiles. Polished tiles are ceramic tiles that have been mechanically ground and polished with a mirror-like surface. Vitrified tile is a strengthened polished tile, which is a full decking tile. Its surface is very smooth and does not need to be polished like ordinary polished tiles. Vitrified tiles have better wear resistance and can be reprocessed at will, such as cutting, grinding and chamfering. But the biggest disadvantage of vitrified tiles is that they are easy to seep. Some tea or soy sauce can easily penetrate into the outdoor wood deck tiles surface and cannot be completely removed. Now many manufacturers have done anti-fouling treatment on the surface of vitrified tiles to solve this problem. In general, the stain resistance of vitrified tiles is still worse than outdoor ceramic tile.

2. . are our traditional ceramic tiles, which are made by adding glaze on the surface. According to the strength of the glazed surface, glazed tiles can be divided into wall tiles and floor tiles. Generally, the surface strength of floor tiles is much greater than that of wall tiles, but now many antique glazed tiles have very high surface strength and hardness due to different processing techniques, and can be used as dual-purpose tiles for walls and floors. Compared with vitrified tiles, the biggest advantage of glazed tiles is impermeability and dirt resistance. Moreover, most of the antique glazed tiles have very good slip resistance. Various patterns and patterns can be fired on the surface of glazed tiles, with various styles. Many people will say that glazed tiles are not wear-resistant. In fact, this statement is unscientific. Although the wear resistance of glazed tiles is slightly worse than that of vitrified tiles, the wear resistance of qualified products can definitely meet the needs of household use.

In addition to the above, when there is water on the ground, the slip resistance of vitrified tiles is worse than outdoor ceramic tile. When it comes to anti-slip, we must focus on it. If there are old people, children, or people like me who are careless and poor in balance, then the anti-slip degree is the most important when choosing tiles. The easiest way to check the degree of slip resistance of tiles is to put a few tiles on the ground, pour some water on them, and try walking on them. Many people will say, how can you pour water? Pour water will be slippery. But think about it, when you fell, did you fall on a completely dry ground? Most of the time you fell to the ground when there was water or oil on the ground. Moreover, the real non-slip bricks are not slippery even when there is water on the ground, otherwise, we need to crawl and take a bath in the bathroom.

A. Observe the surface of the tile. The glazed surface of the ceramic tile should be smooth and delicate, and no particles should be touched by hand; the smooth tile should be crystal clear and shiny, and the matt tile should be soft. The pattern of the tiles should be delicate and lifelike, without obvious defects such as lack of color, broken lines, and misalignment.

B. Choose two tiles randomly from the same type of tiles, pair them together to see if they are well-fitted. If the joints are well-fitted, the flatness of the tiles is good.

C, squeeze the tiles, feel their density, feel heavy (high density) is better;

D, pour some water behind the tiles to see if the water is absorbed by the tiles What is the speed. The slower the speed, the better the quality of the tiles. Bricks with too much water absorption cannot be used. If you pour water on the back of some bricks, you can see the water stains from the front. This kind of bricks must not be asked for. Pay attention when testing the water, be sure to pour the water on the back of the tile. When many businesses see that you want to test the water, they pour the water on the front of the tiles, and if they don't absorb water, they say they are good tiles. You think, if this tile absorbs water even on the front, it must be of inferior quality.

Because the biggest disadvantage of vitrified tiles is that they are easy to seep and dirty, the most important thing is to choose the one with strong impermeability. So, how do you tell it? It's actually very simple, just bring a marker and some dewaxing.

Many people know this trick of marker pens, in fact, most businesses also know it. Many times when you buy vitrified tiles, the merchant will take the initiative to show you a marker pen. Sometimes you will find that N many vitrified tiles have been tested, but none of them infiltrate! Why is this? Because many businesses have waxed their sample bricks, so you can't experiment with how to draw with markers. Therefore, our trick is to wipe the area to be tested with wax water first, and then paint with a marker. If it exceeds 10 minutes, almost all the vitrified tiles will seep.

In addition, ceramic tiles can be returned unconditionally if they are not soaked in water or damaged. Therefore, it is best to make an agreement with the seller and write it in the purchase contract, and explain to the bricklayer at home. , Do not soak the tiles that are not in use.

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