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What brick where posted?

by:JIABANG     2020-05-04
< / p > < p > find that there are a lot of people turned out to be don't know the difference between the wall brick and floor tile of oh, two silly, thought that only the difference of size, wall brick and floor tile and floor tile and wall brick building to collage. The effect can be cool, but the problem is many? ~ small make up came to literacy to you today, tell people what brick house where this post! < / p > < p > wall brick and ground brick used in indoor decoration, for protect and beautify building. To tell you the difference, wall brick indoor metope adornment, can avoid damage or contamination, splashed by water or metope, etc. ; or floor tile, use adornment ground can build bright and clean bright bedroom environment. < / p > < p > in addition to the use of different places, wall brick and floor tile difference is mainly in the aspect of water absorption. is not suitable for wall, wall brick is not suitable for same flooring. Strictly speaking, wall outdoor ceramic tile belongs to fictile, floor tile is porcelain goods normally, their physical properties are different, both from choose clay burden to have very big distinction to fire craft, metope brick bibulous rate is about 10%, higher than bibulous rate is only 1% of ground brick to have several times, if the wall brick on the ground, the ground because of too much water will be not easy to clean the clean up. And wall brick is glaze earthen, moisture content is higher, its the reverse side is compared commonly coarse, this also is helpful for bind agent affixing metope brick wall. is not easy to stick firmly on the wall, wall brick in the ground will bibulous too much and become not easy to clean, visible wall, ground brick can not mix. Here are all understand the wall brick and floor tile is not to stick which is which. < / p > < p > a big obstinate stains the kitchen is the oil, and it can be among themselves very slowly infiltrated ceramic tile, once the sink in it is really hopeless. So will be cautious when choose the kitchen ceramic tile, brick don't choose the surface uneven, with down dirt accumulation for a long time in the kitchen is also harmful to health. Here small make up recommend, kitchen wall brick can choose light glazed pottery, it is not easy to be also convenient and clean lampblack pollution. chose inferior smooth surface, you can reduce the risk of kitchen ground moisture to cause slipping. < / p > < p > the toilet, is the place where water on a regular basis. Choose the ceramic tile of toilet must pay attention to the bibulous rate, bibulous rate is lower, the better. Add that the kitchen is also a place where people often need to clean, truth is the same. High water absorption of outdoor ceramic tile can easily lead to long-term outdoor ceramic tile be affected with damp be affected with damp and fall off. So small make up recommend, toilet metope can choose glazed tile. Because this kind of brick is bibulous rate is low, and the intensity is high, but also can prevent the growth of bacteria. But bo changes a brick is smooth and beautiful surface and its quality is also a good choice. The adornment of the wet floor and toilet, you can choose the 'king of the floor tile' body brick or inferior smooth brick to decorate toilet play a role of anti-skid. < / p > < p > on so much just want you to know the characteristics of the wall brick and floor tile, stick to the wrong place to trouble your life is not happy. For the sitting room, bedroom is 'peace' place, we can according to the characters of small make up more than introduce the ceramic tile to choose their favorite. < / p > < p > < / p >
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