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What are wooden floor tiles?

by:JIABANG     2021-05-09

Many people always hesitate between wooden floor tiles when laying the floor of a room, perhaps because they don’t know the advantages and disadvantages of wooden floor tiles, or they are not familiar with wooden floor tiles at all. For the puzzle of ceramic tiles and wooden floors, let me tell you what wooden floor tiles are.

Wooden Flooring

As the name suggests, the main raw material of wooden floor is mainly wood from nature. In the era of pursuing fashion, health and nature, wood floors are becoming more and more popular. Mainly because the wooden floor comes from nature, the raw materials are healthy and environmentally friendly, the decorative effect is fresh and elegant, strong and durable, and it is quite comfortable and practical to step on with bare feet. However, wooden floors are easily corroded and easily deformed when exposed to water, requiring long-term and careful maintenance, which is troublesome. People who don't like toss are not suitable for buying wooden floors. In addition, the slower rate of wood regeneration makes raw materials more expensive.

Ceramic tiles

The raw materials of ceramic tiles are mainly mixtures of clay, quartz sand, metal oxides, etc. The production process is more complicated than that of wooden floors, requiring screening, grinding, pressing, and calcination processes. The surface of the ceramic tiles is smooth, cleaning is relatively simple, and maintenance is not required, and the service life is relatively long. Hard material, not easy to conduct heat and electricity, etc., make the tiles have strong waterproof and fireproof functions. Because the production process is controllable, the types of ceramic tiles made are rich. But some advantages happen to be disadvantages too! The hard ceramic tiles make the foot feel less comfortable, and the smooth ground makes it easier to slip.

The above is some information about wooden floor tiles organized by the editor for you. I hope you can read these contents carefully and avoid unnecessary errors in the decoration process.

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