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What are we always talking about about tiles?

by:JIABANG     2021-06-08
Ceramic tiles are of various types and consumer grades. They are the most indispensable building materials in home decoration. Many years have passed, no matter how the architectural style changes, the ceramic tiles always have the style they need. How do we always think about ceramic tiles? What changes has he brought to our lives? Environmental protection In recent years, due to national policies, all walks of life have paid close attention to environmental protection, and the ceramics industry has been the first to bear the brunt. But there is a good saying, the clothes you take off will one day be worn back one by one. For the ceramics industry that wears three-high hats, one day they will take off their hats. After years of continuous efforts in the ceramics industry, both the production equipment and the sewage equipment have undergone great transformation and fully meet the national requirements and standards. In addition, thin sheets known as green and environmental protection have also begun to emerge. Environmental remediation is a green action that all industries pay close attention to. It can not only promote the continuous transformation and upgrading of enterprises, but also eliminate outdated production capacity and improve the utilization rate of resources. For ceramic companies, the environmental protection of the industry must be fully supported. Perhaps it will cause capital investment in the early stage, but it has a promotional significance for the improvement of product quality. Personalization With the improvement of people's living standards, the need for personalization has emerged. This can also be reflected in the ceramic tiles. The original ceramic tiles can no longer meet the tastes of the general public, and more and more types of ceramic tiles appear on the market. , Cement tiles, microcrystalline stones, marble, jade tiles. There are only unexpected effects, no effects that cannot be achieved. This is the impression that Tao Qi has given to consumers in recent years. Like a magician. But it is this kind of atmosphere that has promoted the flourishing of the building ceramics industry. The current terminal consumer market is a fully personalized buyer's market, not only to meet customers' needs for space practicality, but also to meet customers' needs for individuality and overall space . With the diversification of consumer demand, whether it is for background wall products or other products, companies have gradually realized that the rise of overall home improvement has become a trend, and their thinking has changed from 'selling products' to 'providing overall solutions.' As long as the brand talks about ceramic tiles, the brand is always the hottest topic. Recently, the phenomenon of homogeneity in the ceramic industry has been serious. There are too many products on the market that are the same. Many ceramic companies are focusing on the brand. They want to rely on the brand to make profits. But for the decking tile itself, the brand depends on the brand. The product came out. The so-called brand is not just a name. It is the credibility and brand effect brought by the brand. The company has a blind admiration for the brand, which is not realistic, and does a solid job in the regional market and honestly builds a regional brand. If the company has the determination to invest in the brand, it might as well analyze its own advantages carefully. For ceramic tiles, we should ask for more. Only with strict requirements can we produce good products. In this way, we will get more compliments when we talk about tiles in the future.
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