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What are tile floor cleaning method

by:JIABANG     2020-08-17

most of the people is ground or wood floor, ceramic tile ground tile floor clean and beautiful, smooth and bright. But also need constant cleaning to keep it clean. The tile floor cleaning what method is there?

fruit oil stains cleaning

with the oil, fruit stains, etc. , if not handled in time, time is long will, together with the dust into dirties, it is difficult to clean off with water. Can use the floor net, it contains strong surface active agent, can quickly remove dirt ground of various oil and fruit stains. And for a variety of gram-positive bacterium and negative bacteria, mold and yeast, fungus has a wide range of kill and inhibition, contain the effects of composition and expulsion of cockroaches, ants, moths, flies, etc. Can be widely used in outdoor ceramic tile, marble, bamboo ( Wood) , PVC, such as compound floor waterproof paint floor and ground cleaning and maintenance. Specific usage is 2 caps net floor the dilute half a bucket of clean water, wet mop the floor after drag wipe clean can, need not water, drag can fast dry, no water mark, non-stick foot. Heavy duty place directly with net floor with a mop or cloth to wipe clean. Because the floor net contain liquid mineral wax, can form a layer of thin protective film on the ground, the floor is not subject to wear, and durable resistance to fouling. Using natural honeylocust plant, no phosphorus non-toxic, does not hurt the skin, you can rest assured use. Tiles scratches with

scratches phenomenon appeared on the outdoor ceramic tile on the floor, so we at the time of processing, if it is a minor scratches, so want to apply some toothpaste to deal with. You can also wax, it will look very new. Different granite floor tiles, we should choose the cleaning method is not the same, for a lot of concrete material is easy to have dirt, so pay more attention in cleaning up.

at ordinary times maintain

regularly clean up the floor tile, and be ventilated breathe freely, to keep the floor tile of dry cleaning. And also to pay attention to when cleaning mop the floor, finished off to wait for all dry best to walk again.

what are tile floor cleaning method is introduced here, if you still want to learn more click tile brand for details.

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