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What are the ways to refurbish bathroom tiles

by:JIABANG     2021-06-08

   Many people have been decorating for a long time. The tiles may become old, especially the bathroom tiles. After years of washing with water, they may not be like they just bought them. They all want to renovate. Is there any way to refurbish?

  1, delete old bricks   If the enamel of old floor tiles is damaged due to abrasion, or many places have been emptied or even contaminated by stains, in general, simple repairs cannot achieve any effect. *It is best to remove the floor tiles. replace. However, there is a problem here, which is more troublesome, because it is more difficult to replace those damaged floor tiles, because these floor tiles were laid many years ago, and it is difficult to find the same color, model, model many years later. outdoor wood deck tiles.  2, direct laying of new floor tiles   With the development and innovation of technology, some things have become easier and simpler, just like there are special wall and floor renovation materials on the market. Like granite floor tiles surface treatment agents, floor tiles, and inlay glue, these materials can be directly used for painting on floor tiles, and then new floor tiles are laid on it, saving time and effort to remove the old ground in the middle.  3, keep the old tiles  The floor tiles are basically not damaged, but there are problems with the joints between the tiles. Faced with this situation, just remove all the floor tiles and scrape them off. Because in the process of long-term use, floor tiles will breed a lot of bacteria and dirt, these must be removed, otherwise it will not only affect the appearance of the ground, but also endanger health.  4. Old floor tiles on the wooden floor   If you don’t want to continue using floor tiles and want to lay the old floor on the old ground, you need to clean the original floor tiles first. Otherwise, the floor tiles will become a place for the reproduction of microorganisms and bacteria, which will be very beneficial to the future living environment and family health. unfavorable.   What are the methods of bathroom tile renovation? Here is the introduction. If you want to know more, you can click on the decoration knowledge to learn more.

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