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What are the ways to choose tiles

by:JIABANG     2021-05-14

  Tile is one of the indispensable materials when we decorate, and we need to select tiles to find good quality tiles, so what are the methods for selecting tiles?

  1. The use of ceramic tiles There are many types of ceramic tiles. Different types of ceramic tiles have different characteristics, advantages and disadvantages. Different places have different requirements for ceramic tiles. You must purchase ceramic tiles according to the characteristics of the ceramic tiles and the place of use. For example, the kitchen needs dirt-resistant non-slip tiles, and the living room needs bright and beautiful tiles. In addition, the requirements for floor tiles and wall tiles are also different. Therefore, this knowledge must be clarified first.  2, the parameters of the tiles   The parameters of each type of tile are different, and understanding these parameters can help you choose a more suitable tile. For example, the water absorption rate of ceramic tiles, the national standard is that the floor tiles should be less than or equal to 0.5%, and the water absorption rate of the inner tiles should be between 10% and 20%. The abrasion resistance of ceramic tiles is different for different ceramic tiles, and varies according to the different requirements of the use site. There are also parameters such as the length and width error, size, and right angle of the decking tile.  3, decking tile inspection  The selection of ceramic tiles not only requires good style and color, but also good quality. So how to check the quality of tiles? The easiest way is to see whether the surface of the tile is flat, the gloss is high, the pattern is clear, and the cut surface is neat. Then tap the tiles again. Tiles with crisp and continuous sound are better. At this time, you can also weigh the weight of the tiles at the same time, the heavier the tiles, the better the quality. Finally, measure the water absorption of the tiles by dripping water, test the load-bearing capacity by pressing, write on the tiles with a writing pen, and test the wear resistance of the tiles.  4. The price of ceramic tiles    The price difference of ceramic tiles is relatively large. Don't believe in various discounted and promotional tiles. There are a lot of discount information just to attract customers, but the quality is not necessarily good. It is best to buy ceramic tiles from manufacturers with good brand effect and good reputation.  What are the methods of selecting ceramic tiles are introduced here. If you want to learn more, you can click on the decking tile brand to learn more.

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