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What are the ways to buy bathroom tiles

by:JIABANG     2021-06-05

   The purchase of ceramic tiles requires a certain method. Only by mastering the method can we choose good tiles, especially bathroom tiles, so that we can reduce accidents. Then there are ways to choose bathroom tiles. Which ones?

  1. Check whether the sound is crisp when hitting the tiles, the more brittle the sound, the higher the porcelain degree, the higher the density, and the better the hardness;   2. Whether there are scratches when scratching the tiles with sharp objects, if there are scratches, it means Poor glaze application can easily cause people to slip. After the glaze on the surface is polished, the outdoor wood deck tiles surface cannot be cleaned if it is dirty;    3. When purchasing, observe whether there are pinholes on the surface with the naked eye within one meter. If there is, it means that the glaze is not complete Fusion, it is easy to cause accumulation of dirt;   4. Observation of the degree of warpage: Observe whether the side of the tile is straight with the naked eye, if the warpage is serious, it will affect the firmness of the tile in the future;    5. Specifications can be measured with calipers. Good product specifications have small deviations, after paving, the products are neat and uniform, the outdoor wood deck tiles joints are straight, and the decorative effect is good. Poor product specifications have large deviations and different sizes between products;    6. The color tone of exterior wall tiles should be coordinated with the surrounding environment. It is generally not advisable to use white or too light exterior wall decoration tiles in high-rise buildings to avoid building Objects lack texture; in interior decoration, the tones of floor tiles and interior wall tiles must match each other. All toilet facilities should be mainly sanitary ware. The quality and grade of wall tiles and various accessories including hardware and other supporting materials should be coordinated with them;   7. Choose ceramic tiles according to the use environment, such as kitchen and bathroom, it is best to choose non-slip Easy-to-clean full-body tiles.  What are the ways to buy bathroom tiles are introduced here. If you want to know more, you can click on the tile brand to learn more.

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