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What are the types of home improvement tiles

by:JIABANG     2021-05-12

   In our decoration, ceramic tiles are the most common. There are many types of ceramic tiles. Consumers are particularly entangled in choosing them. They don't know which quality is better. So what types of home improvement tiles are there?

  1, vitrified tile    vitrified tile is used more in the living room. Its surface is bright and does not need to be polished, so there is no polishing pore problem. It is fired at high temperature, has good abrasion resistance and is easy to clean, so it is most suitable for use in the living room, making it easy for you to clean.  2, full body outdoor wood deck tiles    full body outdoor wood deck tiles has good wear resistance and waterproof performance, although the pattern is not as good as glazed brick. But nowadays, full-body bricks are becoming more and more popular. They are generally used in living rooms and aisles. Few people use the walls. Most non-slip bricks are full-body bricks.  3, polished tiles   polished surface is smooth and bright, the hardness is very good, and the wear resistance is good. It is more suitable for use in the living room and bedroom. Polished tiles are the most common in the living room. It can increase the light in the living room and has a strong decoration effect.  4. Antique brick    The anti-slip performance and wear resistance of the antique outdoor wood deck tiles are very good. It is a decking tile imported from abroad. Suitable for families with children and the elderly. It is more common in European style decoration, and people use it in the bedroom and living room.  The types of home improvement tiles are introduced here. If you want to know more, you can click on the tile brand to learn more.

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