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What are the types of exterior wall tiles

by:JIABANG     2021-06-15
External wall bricks can not only protect the walls, but also add exterior decoration to the house. It is a beautiful and practical building material. With the improvement of people's living standards, the requirements for external wall bricks are also higher. Prices and types have become what consumers want to know. What types of exterior wall tiles are there? 1. Glazed exterior wall tiles: are exterior wall tiles whose surfaces have been glazed. Its bodies are divided into ceramic and porcelain. Ceramic exterior wall bricks have high water absorption, low firing temperature, and relatively low brick hardness and density. Porcelain exterior wall tiles are better than ceramic exterior wall tiles in all aspects. According to the degree of reflection of the glazed surface, this kind of exterior wall tiles are also divided into bright and matt. 2. Whole body outdoor wood deck tiles: The color and material of the front and back sides of this kind of exterior wall brick are the same. The surface is not treated with glaze. Its color is relatively monotonous, not as good as glazed exterior wall tiles, but it is better than wear-resistant. This kind of exterior wall tiles is less used. 3. Split brick: also known as split brick, it is a kind of ceramic wall and floor tiles. Various clays or feldspar and other pottery materials are dried and crushed by adding water or wet ball milling and filtering to make water-containing wet mud, then cut and dried and fired, and then join the joints along the ribs manually or by machines Split into two pieces of products, the surface of split bricks can be divided into two types: flat surface and brushed surface. The latter is the most common. The split bricks with brushed surface are made of uneven pits and coarse particles on the surface, imitating the unique cross-sectional texture of natural stone, with natural beauty and historical weight. Split bricks are mostly suitable for antique buildings and European-style buildings. The 'artificial cultural stone' of Asia Ceramics Mall is also a kind of split outdoor wood deck tiles. 4. Stone: Natural stone is cut into square exterior wall tiles after special processing. Its surface retains the unique uneven texture and color of natural stone. The whole body is made of stone materials. Its hardness, density and abrasion resistance are unmatched by ceramic tiles. The price is also much more expensive than ordinary exterior wall tiles. It has the unique natural color difference of natural stone, and high-end European-style buildings often use this stone as an exterior wall. 5. Mosaic: Mosaic has its flexibility and changeability. In addition to being used for interior decoration, it can also be used for exterior wall decoration. The mosaics on the exterior walls are mostly ordinary mosaics, which have low absorption rate, small size and rich colors. The mosaic can be combined into any pattern you like. Let the exterior wall of the building become as colorful as the interior. This is also one of the reasons why mosaics are used in exterior wall decoration.
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