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What are the tricks to buy ceramic tiles? Eight tricks to buy ceramic tiles

by:JIABANG     2021-05-01

   In home decoration, the purchase and paving costs of ceramic tiles account for a large amount of decoration costs, so how to use ceramic tiles to save and reduce this part of the cost. The following editor will introduce what are the tricks to buy ceramic tiles?

  The first trick: find a professional master, choose the appropriate specifications, and draw the bricks. Calculate the number of tiles according to the figure, plus normal construction loss.   Second trick: Choose varieties that do not require high “matching patterns” and “matching patterns” so that the cut half (or side strips) can be used elsewhere.   The third trick: adjust the plane and elevation design to avoid the places where the vertical pipes and small corners must be cut, which are easy to break and waste tiles.   Fourth trick: clever use of waist line, other specifications of tile mosaic colors, ground circle edges, vertical decorative lines, bathroom wall mirrors, etc., to enrich the effect while avoiding or reducing tile cutting.   Fifth trick: master the principle of “saving bricks in small pieces and cost bricks in large pieces” for home improvement. Combined with the design effect, the smaller size is selected reasonably. Generally, for a small bathroom, the wall tiles should not exceed about 300, and for the general living room, the floor tiles should not exceed about 800.   Sixth trick: The installation part of the overall kitchen cabinet in the kitchen can choose relatively ordinary tiles, because this part is not exposed to the outside, and its visual effect and quality have little effect on the overall effect of the kitchen.   Seventh trick: You can also choose more general products for balcony walls and floor tiles, without requiring their grades and styles. The wall tiles are smooth and easy to clean, as long as the floor tiles have the anti-skid function and the size specifications are the same.   The eighth trick: Choose good quality ceramic tiles and skilled workers to reduce unnecessary loss during construction and cutting. Although the unit price is slightly higher, it is still economical after a comprehensive calculation.   What are the tricks to buy tiles is introduced here, if you want to know more, you can click on the tile brand to learn more.

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